Donnerstag, 1. Oktober 2015

Smaller and smaller... ceramic ear studs (my first ones)

To test ceramic pieces, the new (very old actually) kiln at the Makerspace Leipzig as well as the glazes, it all takes a lot of time since I have to work next to it, managed to get several colds and of course are also doing stuff with family and frieds (or sometimes just collapse on the sofa!)...

So after a long time my next round of test pieces: I show you the ones for ear studs here! These little earrings are really adorable.

I wanted the little bit rough and organic look. You can actually buy perfect small ceramic caps but not these more rustic appearance which I love in all my work.

The pins are just silver plated, but since I am using a lot of brass, copper and bronze either way, I am okay with this.

I also love the white clay in contrast with the colour!

So, you can expect more tiny wee earrings from me. Since I am often not showing my small studs, just write me, if there would be a certain colour you would love to have!



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