Freitag, 2. Oktober 2015

"Mechanical Blooms" - Earrings

Sometimes it is good that I am quite impatient and show my work in fb in artist groups before I blog about it here. The reason why this is good, is quite simple: You get beautiful comments and descriptions!

One of these was from Meridy from "Two Trees Studio". She said (and I hope she don't mind :)): 
"Very cool--love the similarities (color) and the juxtapositions of differences!"
Gosh... honestly? My process is involving a lot of thoughts about colours, shapes and especially also movement. But it is not a pure rational process, it is rather the opposite: A highly instinctive process. This is also the reason why it takes me often a long time to figure out why I am distracted from certain properties of a finished piece. I would love to be able to describe my process so clearly like Meridy did! :)

Can you see how they are slightly tipping to the front? They look good worn but it took me some time to accept this. Sometimes the small details are the ones that throw me off. As I said: Interesting to see how the own brain is working! ;)

The enameled pieces I got from a destash from Lori (you can find her here) and are from Sue beads. The chain elements are actually recovered / upcycled / recycled chains I found at the flea market. Last but not least, the glass flowers... aren't they also just gorgeous? They are recycled glass beads from africa. I couldn't resist buying them when I saw them at the Grassi fair at the Grassi Museum.

They are not too heavy but they are also not light weight. Difficult to describe but you'll feel their movement.

Edit: You can find them now here in my shop :)



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