Samstag, 3. Oktober 2015

"Wonderland Dreams" - Earings

Purple and blue, violett and green, it is all inside. Layer of layer, swirling chaos and yet in beautiful harmony... 

I am naming my jewelery. It is not always easy but I want to name my jewelery because the names represent for me their story, their feeling, their meaning for me. I started not too long ago. I already told you quite often, that "to create keeps me sane". This also means that my creations reflect a part of myself, sometimes more, sometimes less. In the same way they evolve together with me... one day I felt something was missing. Names. The names to their stories. It is not always easy to find the right name due to mainly two reasons: The first is the usual problem to put complex feelings and thoughts into words... the second occurs if I am not really attached to a piece. Then it may be nice and all of that but it is not representing me. 

But for these earrings the name was there even before I had to think about it. Dark and dreamy, beautiful and a step next to reality.

The headpins are made by Kimberly Rogers from numinosity beads and the tiny wee beads are made by Julie Wong Sontag from Uglibeads. So different, but the colour keeps them together like they are always mean to be this way.

I hope you can see how long they really are! A hand being used as a kind of universal ruler. Yes, it is biased because hand sizes are different... but still.. ;)

I also uploaded them into my shop (yes, finally some new pieces in my shop, more coming soon ;)).



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