Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2015

"Ocean Tides" - Earings

There are colours, images and feelings I am always coming back to. The ocean is on of my deepest and oldest inspirations. I started with the enameled pieces, numi-sticks from Kimberly Rogers (Numinosity Beads). Green crusty spots on a whitish-grey surface reminding me of the coast, the grown algae and moss, the sea foam of the waves crushing against it... the different blue lampwork beads are all from Sue Reynolds (she has an etsy shop here, but you may rather find her selling on fb). With the beautiful shades of blue I could think of nothing else than the sea.

Funny thing is: I already showed them on fb and Sasha Crow (she makes cool headpins, here) found a wonderful name for them too! "Moody Indigo". Just a beautiful name! These earrings are ocean tideas for me, since the name is always a representation of the feeling and thoughts a piece has for me... but moody indigo somehow is stuck now in my brain, I'll see if I can create something this time for a name!

I also put them in my shop here :)

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