Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2015

On my worktable.... body parts again!

Since I seem to start more new projects than being able to finish them... again a blog post about what is on my work table right now. Oh, I am okay with all the projects since the main reason to create is to "keep me sane". If I have an idea, I try to follow it. Sometimes there is not enough energy left in me (the beginning of the dark time of the year makes this always worse) but at other times my head is overflowing of ideas and images. 

I made a little comic style skull again. The last ones I made at the same time of the year in 2012. Still love them! I also had this etched piece of brass lying around and decided they would go perfect together. This kind of ideas just develop in the total chaos that is surrounding me ;) But really, I have to see everything to keep my brain working. Still not sure how some kind of order with this desire to have everything in sight may ever be combined. I am open for every idea!

The brass piece still has to be sanded (I love gently and smooth edges!), pickled, and oxidized and sanded again... and before all this maybe solder some prongs to hold the skull. That was also the reason why I stopped working on it. Soldering... would take to much time to set up everything. Next week is full with work even in the evenings (one symposium, one conference and guests from Korea at the  institute) as well as we have family staying with us the whole week. Did I mention the chaos...? ;)

The arm was first wrapped in a cut piece from a metal flower (these scrapbook "stuff") and wrapped it with copper wire. Will oxidize it for a darker look.

Last but not least: I got little felt balls from Tine (Belle et la Bête) and started to play with them. I stitched a little bit, put some seed beads on top and finished them off with bead caps. Still, not perfect but I do love them!

Just look at the bright colours and the beautiful shape!

They are really light weight. Not sure what to do with them... ;)

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