Dienstag, 10. August 2010

"Big one" scorpionfish card and more stamps...! ^^

The smaller one is stamped, the bigger one is the digitalised version of the smaller one turned in black and white colours and printed. Afterwards a little bit coloured with water colours (also just black and white ^^). I think the colour of the smaller one should be a different so it would stand out a little bit more. Although in reality it does... but... mh... still not enough I think.

But suits to my small colelction of pics standing againts my wall on the little rack. It is only temporary... either until I use them as mail or as they go into some kind of frame for my ever growing wall of stuff... or just to be stored somewhere safe.

And of course, I had to do something with the leftovers of my last bigger stamp (the scorpionfish ^^). A wee bird, birds prints and some wood. I had to attach a little piece of wood (the end of a pen) to the bird food traces otherwise stamping gets really, really difficult (or messy). Have to find something for the wee bird also...

A small dragonfly...

I don't know what but may be cut and / or useful ^^

And of course new variations to create papers! This one below I used for the "Big one" card above! Just paint with some wax crayons on sandwich paper, put another sandwich paper above (so you will get two nearly identical papers!) and iron it! The wax crayons will melt and create this nice "crinkle" effect. The second layer of sandwich paper is also to protect your iron.

Also cool with wax crayons and sandwich paper: Paint with the wax crayons on the sandwich paper, afterwards you drop candle wax (I used tea candle wax) on the sandwich paper. Wait until the wax i hard again and the just use a hard brush and take the wax drops of. It is very easy and the tea candle wax will take the colour of the wax crayons with it!

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