Montag, 16. August 2010

"Written" - some bird card

Okay, I admit it. I also wanted a card with some script as background and a bird! Not too overloaded, just simple. Turns out that I decided this won't be my last one. And maybe the newer ones will get more stuff on it... or not... mh... need to play with it!

Here are the basic elements for the card just the cardboard itself is missing. The brown piece is just another little heavy paper piece which I painted with water colours. Although there is only a small border visible on the card I didn't want something with only one colour. It should have some "motions" in it.

The bird was a print which was coloured (also with water colours) and cut out afterwards. I like both versions: just shades of grey or painted.

1 Kommentar:

  1. This is amazing! I just popped over to enter your giveaway and saw this bird so I had to check it out! It is lovely :) Especially the script behind him.



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