Montag, 2. August 2010

New stamps - ocean stuff

I registered myself in a new forum (a german one) and they have these challenges or week topics. One was "maritim" and I made some new stamps for it:

a sailing ship, little fish swarm and two kinds of flying sea gulls

I used erasers as carving rubber as most of the time (because it's cheap and everywhere avaiable!) but have to say with this little details it is not really useful. It doesn't carve so nice and easily like the rubber plates made for carving stamps and with little details it is horror...!

But still... I like them!

Raw material (brain energy... the name is great!)

Different companies, different sizes and different consistency!

I always make a lot of test stamping...


  1. Das Schiff ist echt schön, ich mag das Meer-/ Ozean-Thema sowieso. Und bei dir ist es auch überhaupt nicht kitschig. ^^

  2. Danke schön! Ich hatte leider nur noch Radiergummis zum schnitzen da, deswegen besteht das Boot aus 2 Teilen ^^



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