Montag, 30. August 2010

Toad - needle book

There is a lot of fabric stash owned by me. ^^ Leftovers from former projects or recycled fabric or or or... From such fabric scraps I made the top of the needlebook. Just one small stripe of red in the back as contrasting colour. The toad is made of different kinds of fabric paint. Normal one but also metallic effect paints or this fluffy-after-heating paint. I though that this would make the skin of the toad more suitable or to use another word. warty! ;) Blue ribbons for closure...

Inside a little bit of black nylon for elastic pockets and some grey felt to put the needles there. The opening of the pockets is to the inside so if they will be stuffed with thing the won't fall out if the needle book is closed. Hope it will function this way! You can see some of my batic dyed fabrics and some stamping with my carved tentacle or fish stamps.

There are a place for all kind of needles: Sewing needles, needles for small beads and of course dissection neddles (being a biologist, yes, this kind of needles also belongs in a needle book, just as a matter of principle!).

It is also with a thick layer of stuffing (like the one you use for quilts) so it is also useable as a pincushion. Oh, I forgot, there is also a place for pincushions in the book!

I already made it some days ago but it was a gift for a friend of mine :)


  1. love the frog and the colours you used, saraccino! very very sweet!

  2. Die Kröte ist absolute Spitze... und so ein Nadelbuch echt eine sinnvolle Idee. :)



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