Dienstag, 17. August 2010

Flower pins - out of old plastic!

This small flowers were inspired by Michele made me. She has a series called "The feast of flowers" and is using unconventional material for her creations. I really like them. So this small ones are for her :)

And a yellow one! 

All of them are made out of old plastic. The two blue ones of a plastic wrapping of kitchen rolls and the yellow is one of these cheap and crinkled plastic bags (which always get ripped if you use them! ^^). I choose these materials because they were the only plastic wrappings I had at home. The idea for them was simple: Why not use "trash" plastic you normally throw away instead of the fabric I use for my hairpins (you can find them here and here) which is also just some kind of polyester? Should work!

All of them together!

Some of my construction material...

..after cutting and sorting...

You need several pieces of different sizes. The more pieces of one size you have the denser and a little bit more three dimensional your flower will get.

The most (!) important tool beside the scissor: Fixing pins!
Fix your pieces, hold them tighly in your hand and cut circular shapes out. The don't need to be regularly, quite the contrary! Next to the circles I also cut some small stripes out of the more colourful parts of the plastic (which wasn't much).

You can use the circles...

...or just cut shapes out of it which look a little bit like flower petals.

Also: Don't worry about irregular shapes! You want them!

Piece the different sizes upon each other.
Use as many layers of one size as you like, just try it out.

The first one: pinned up! ^^

And afterwards I took a needle and some some thread and sewed a bead in the middle.

The ends of the thread in the back you can use to apply the flower somewhere.
On a card or a brooch or a little bag... whatever :)

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  1. I LOVE YOUR FLOWERS! you did such a beautiful job with them. I'm gobsmacked by how you took a kernel of an idea and made it thoroughly your own. Amazing Saraccino!

  2. These are very cool plastic flowers!



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