Montag, 9. August 2010

You can't carve enough stamps... ever!

Okay, I guess my topics are a little bit onesided at the moment apart from my inspiration pictures. But carving stamps is really something which neither needs much time nor much (or expensive) material. And also not much space!

And this scorpionfish is quite a beauty!

I am using my linoleum carving tool(s), a paper knife, a brush to get the small parts out of my rubber, a pencil and a little bit of paper for the design and of course some carving material: rubber also known as erasers ^^

Here you can see all my stuff and the scorpionfish during carbing process.

And finished:

I will use the bigger leftovers for other stamps.

I had a bigger one which was also harder than most other erasers. You have to try which consistency you like best for carving. The harder the rubber is the better you can carve small details in it but with softer rubber the stamping process is more at ease and at the beginning it is easier to cut. But please have this in mind even if you start your first carvings not that you try a complicated pattern with too soft rubber so you may not get disappointed (and also keep in mind: you can use every carved stamp, if it happens not to be the one you wanted, make a stamp for a background out of it!).

 Other stamps from today or the last night: a compass rose (or wind rose)

And yes, hearts are not my favorite thing to do, work with or whatever. But one for the list... is okay I think ^^ 


  1. Wow! Das sieht bei dir immer so genial aus, dass ich es am liebsten selbst mal probieren will... Der Fisch ist jedenfalls super, und die Windrose auch.



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