Montag, 16. August 2010

Bird and stamp stuff for a card wallet

I think the bird I used for the bird card "Written" just has something special. I like the position of every aspect, the look in the eye... so I painted one freehand on the little card wallet I made. I used fabric paints on cotton. At first I marked the outlines with a reversible fabric pen and painted the colours, afterwards I added the black outlines and the little claws, the eye and the beak. The basic is just red and yellow fabric paint but for some acents I added a colours which is called red gold.

And a picture with the wallet opened:

The inside gives four compartements for cards like credit cards or member cards or business cards... Okay, i think you get the idea. Cards ;)

The fabric is stamped with a fabric ink pad. So if necessary you could wash the wallet. The best one in my point of view is the red one with all the ants! The little dragonfly which was painted after stamping the outlines is just black and again red gold.

With cards! ^^

Yes, I always forgot to make pictures through the whole process but at least one!

I just have to decide which kind of closure I want to add. It has to be something which is becoming with the bird. Mh... not decided yet...

You can find the tutorial for this sweet little "scrappy loyality wallet" on the blog: A Spoonful of Sugar Just look at the tutorials there :)

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