Montag, 2. August 2010

Paper patchwork cards - flowers

I already posted some paper patchword cards: Paper patchwork cards (ocean and plants) I promised more and here they are: Mostly flowers :)

The cardstocks as well as the flower petals were all cut out of old magazines or prospects and stuff like that. The harder cardstock I got from a magazine with a gift. They had put the board behind the magazine and the gift to stabilize them.

The black background (Yes, it's all glossy and shiny! ^^) was from the already sometimes mentioned jewelery pospect.

At last but not least: Not a flower. I think it is a picture from the sea. Very stylised but in a great combination. The different shades of blue for the sea and the beige / yellow colours for the sand of the beach. I am curious whether somebody can recognize from which kind of picture I cut it out ^^

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