Mittwoch, 4. August 2010

Inspirations: Structures (Airports)

Once starting to look for new inspirations, structures, colours and designs... and waiting for hours at the airport without anything else to do ^^ ... I found unexpected things! I mean, only look at the following picture! Isn't it great to be a pattern for patchwork and quilting? I would like it only in black and white but image the possibilities by using a lot of colours. One could create a great range of effects, let it be more technical, a little bit being like a flower, a sun, just using rainbow colours...

But I also like this simple structures which could work as backgrounds for papers, cards, fabrics...

It looks like the surface of the moon, no?! :)

Just using different options of my digi which area to zoom etc etc... also gives a lot more of possibilities!

Okay, I had to take this photo! It was just so weird.... and a little bit frightening, this... head... ^^

The effect is quite cool of the lights and the stuff on the ceiling.

More patchwork patterns ^^

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