Montag, 30. August 2010

Mail Art - a new envelope

The newest topic for the "weekstamp challenge": Mail Art. Most of you already know that I am using a lot of envelopes which are painted or printed, colourful or having some tentacled stuff on them ^^ And yes, I am using them! I love to make envelopes a little bit special for the person who will get the mail. In the upper corner on the right side is the normal stamp, I already added it to the envelope because I wanted to use it immediatley.

And it is not wavy anymore (due to the water colours I used) but thanks to heavy books flat and even again like an envelope should be ^^

The other parts on the envelope are a lot of fake stamps. And on the back an victorian writing hand....

I love the gold water colour all over the envelope!

To make envelopes I just open up a bought one as stencil.

This was a printed image with a normal laser printer I cut out according to the envelope stencil.

This is what it would look after folding...

...but before folding it I started with the first layer of painting with water colours. The reason for the wavy being of the envelope. But, as for most papers, this is really easy to overcome by pressing it hard for one or two days after drying. Don't worry ever about that!

For my fake stamps I cut out pictures I like with a sharp paper knife. Afterwards I coloured some a little bit (like the wind rose) or stamped the image with a rubber stamp. The more the better ^^ Afterwards i glued the piece in sandwich paper (the own below is spotted with coffee) and cut them out with a little overhang. All you have to do then is to cut out little triangels. And as alwasy: Don't be too accurate. There is no need to, it will look cool without being perfect! Maybe even more...

I embossed every fake stamp with clear embossing powder and added more water colours (painted with a brush or just as a lot of little drops) onto the envelope. Write a little bit on it with some not readabel stuff. Some of this I also embossed but this time with distress embossing powder which can be a little bit rubbed off after applying.

And I really love the gold!

And no, I forgot to make new pictures with a flattened envelope. Already sent ^^

I got the printed images from this cool blog!


  1. Wow, also der Umschlag ist superklasse geworden!

  2. This is gorgeous!! Truly the most beautiful envelope that I have ever seen! And your instructions are wonderful, this looks like so much fun to make! Thanks for linking this up to Brag Monday.

  3. awesome! :'D I'm writing a lot of letters, too and thought about creating my own envelopes and paper. now I've got a nice inspiration!

  4. I love your envelope fantastic job!!

  5. Thanks a lot! If it wasn't already on it's mail way I would send it to one of you :)

  6. Wow, wie cool! Und die Post zickt da nicht rum (ich hab da mal diverse Horrorstories gehört, daher frag ich)?
    Wird Zeit, dass ich auch mal wieder ein paar Briefe verschick.

  7. Ich habe auch schon Briefe und Postkarten auf dem Postweg verloren, allerdings tatsächlich noch nie verzierte oder selbstgemachte Umschläge oder Karten! Im Gegenteil, die sind immer in einem exzelleten Zustand angekommen. Ich glaube ehrlich gesagt, daß sowas trotz aller zusätzlichen Arbeit den betreffenden Personen bestimmt auch Spaß macht. Sei es, weil sie es schön finden oder sei es, weil sie in der Kaffeepause drüber klatschen können ^^ Ist zwar schon locker zehn Jahre her, aber eine Freundin hatte mir sogar einen Umschlag geschickt, an dem in einer kleinen Außentasche, nur über einen Bindfaden verknüpft, ein kleines UFO angebracht war. Es ist heile bei mir gelandet! Da war ich echt beeindruckt :)

  8. Love the colours of the envelope, thank you for sharing the instructions.

  9. I love it. Beautiful job. Wish I was getting that in the mail.

  10. Wow...this is gorgeous!!! And congratulations for being featured on teh Graphics Fairy!

  11. This is wonderful! So much fun! Have you tried using watercolor paper? I think you might get less curling with it. Lots of neat texture too! The less expensive ones are thinner and will fold easily. I'd love to try this .... someday! So many other crafts are taking my time but I LOVE what you have done with all of the textures!

  12. Like your envelope very much. Thank you for sharing. I always do mail art when sending something out; it just adds a little special addition doesn't it; and it makes you smile and hopeful the person who is receiving it.

  13. I am loving to get special mail! And even with people who don't really show it, I think they still recognize that there is time and thoughts just for one in it. And there is so much blank space on an envelope! ^^ I just have to add something.

  14. AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!thanks for the tutorial Danke!

  15. I love sending mail, although I hardly ever put so much work into my actual stationery. The moth is really cool and I wonder if you could use left-over tea bags to dye the paper too? I'll bet your postman loves visiting your mailbox



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