Donnerstag, 2. September 2010

Tentacle USB stick

Okay, this one was made some time ago. Really even some months ago! But I realised while going through my photo folders that I never showed it.

So: Here it is! ^^

The USB stick had a  metal case so I really carefully cut the real USB stick out of it. It is a little bit difficult because you have to use a really sharp knife or in my case a scalpell and the used glue is very hard. It is a little bit like carving ^^ But afterwards I just removed all plastic stuff and the electronics and was left with the metall. This I covered with polymer clay (fimo), put some stamps carefully in it and baked it. For the outer layer I used golden polymer clay (I think with the gold I even mixed fimo and prado clay because the gold of prado is more intense than fimo) and a little bit of white transparent (just fimo) polymer clay for the end. There originally was some plastic which I throw away. Due to the transparency of the clay after baking (a little bit like satin / milk glass) you can see the red light glowing through when the USB stick is used ^^

The covered metall case was baked before the tentacles were added. Not too long, just 10 to 15 minutes, but enough that you won't break it while adding the tentacles on top. The tentacles are made out of copper polymer clay (this time really just fimo).  

Again, baking all the polymer clay.

Afterwards just covering the whole with some acrylic paint and afterwards wiped off with some soft fabric. It bring the structures really out! But either work fast or just in small areas: acrylic paint dries fast!

At last all was covered with a thick layer of transparent laquer.

And finally a blog entry with tentacles again! :)


  1. whoo, this looks great! really organic! and it sure attracts some weeeird glances :'D
    I wonder if one could bake usb sticks... my mom accidentally threw one into the washing machine once and it worked fine afterwards...

  2. Puh... I don't think an USB stick will survive 110 to 130 °C ^^ but maybe we should just start a experimental series to test which conditions can be survived. I know that salt water can be survived... not guaranted but not impossible eihter! ;)

  3. Wonderful! So inventive and very cool looking.

  4. I kept moving down through the tentacle posts--so many that I love. I cannot decide which I like best. The cup and saucer and the flash drive are so fun! But they they are ALL so exquisitely done. Great, great work.

  5. Thanks! :)

    I need more tentacles, definitly! There is just something special with octopus (and therefore the tentacles). They are so curious and intelligent... we had a family game each summer: Who find the first octopus? You can even play with them! And the searching tentacles are always the first 8and sometimes the only) thing you can see under water :)



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