Freitag, 3. September 2010

Crafting session with Lachafa - pink silk pincushion

Another little fabric leftover: Pink dupion silk. It is really some years old. I used it for the first pink advent calendar I made for a friend which is absolutly in love with pink. Pink is not my favorite colour (if you will find it at all in my room except for fabric scraps ^^) but I like this contrast between the rich and bright colour to the white crochet!

The crochet work is one of my first atempts in crochet. It was made with a crochet needle size 1 mm (german size, don't know which this one would be in other countries but let's say really small!) and very thin thread. The thread I am using for embroidery is thicker even with all strangs separeted.

Of course there had to be a tentacle! Made with black fabric paint.

This is my stuffing material. I recycled some foamed material and cut it in small pieces.

I though about adding more things on the pincushion, for examples buttons or embroidery or some beads... and you know I am not shy about going over the top ^^ but I think it is enough: The rough structure and the bright colour of the satin to the ordered and white crochet ornament.

Edit: Last pic changed to a daylight foto :)

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