Samstag, 11. September 2010

Inspirations: Structures (botanical garden Leipzig II)

All the pictures were taken today (11. september 2010). I am looking forward to make pictures over the whole autumn and winter and to explore all the specials and beauties which one can find at the botanical garden. This is my favorite place for years! During my study I was looking there for bugs and during my thesis I loved to sit there and having lunch or read something with a coffee in my hand (since my working place was just over the street I just took my coffee mug with me ^^). But in all this years I never took pictures. Never crossed my mind, don't know why :)

Just look at all this structures and shapes and colours! All of the pictures are smaller than the original to upload them at this blog. If you would like to have one with the original size just ask me per mail :)


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