Sonntag, 5. September 2010

Inspirations: Flowers (Botanical Garden Leipzig)

They pictures were all photographed at the botanical garden of the university of Leipzig. One of my favorite places in this town. :) For the date: 23. July 2010. I just needed time for sorting them etc. This is only a small part of the collection. I tried to make a collection of the (for me) most interesting ones. I also made a lot pictures of other ones but a lot more "common".

Originally I wanted to make some stuff in my "stuff creating hour" but I had a boke accident today. My bike is broken *sniff* and my ankle three times thicker than usual. Nothing broken but it is hurting and I can't weight it... so I am not in the mood of doing something but not using this time would be bad either (Yes, I am niggle and nudge mood ^^) so I though the time would be perfect used uploading my favorite inspirtations from the botanical garden in july.

On the good side: It remembers me to make more photos soon as the temperatures are really drooping down and the plants will propably be changed :) I really look forward to get images in the winter!


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