Donnerstag, 2. September 2010

Crafting session with Lachafa - new carved stamp

My "little" sister Lachafa came over for a visit today to create some "stuff" with me. As mostly it is difficult to decide what to make if you have too many options and too much of motivation ^^

So here the first item; Lachafa carved her first stamp although I don't think it looks like a first one! And I think I also need one like hers! Definitly!

She combined it with one of my stamps for some kind of ornament and / or border. They are cool to combine :)

And of course: There should be an envelope! She stamped it with her newly carved stamp and added freehand more flowers afterwards. I love it! Hopefully her friend will also love it!  (Lachafa already wrote her name on the envelope, we covered it with this little piece of paper)

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