Donnerstag, 2. September 2010

Crafting session with Lachafa - felt bag

Before you ask, yes, I also made some things ^^ Okay, I have to admit that I have also done some basic work, like creating my material for new things. And I don't like to show unfinished projects, therefore this has to wait. But beside that I made a fast small bag. The sides were to dark brown felt with red applications. The grandmother bought them somewhere years ago and with the promise to make something out of it gave I got it. I really like it and the idea of a small bag came really fast into my mind. She also told me from which country this felt work is but... honestly... I totally forgot it... I will ask!

The inside is made out of cotton fabric. The same one which was used for the straps. It is to dark for a good foto but inside is a little pocket added for my hand and two other ones on the opposite for whatever ^^

And since I got my beloved Bree bag every bag which I make has to have a key holder attached to the bag! My bags have the tendency (no matter is small or big) to create black holes... and one of the favorite items to eat of a black hole are my keys! But this little string with a keyholder rescues my keys (and hence me!).

I used two colours of thread. The red one resembles the red of the felt work and the violett was a little contrast which goes good with it, I think.

And a long strap ^^


  1. Schick! Und so herbstlich. Diese Filzornanmente sind echt schön.

  2. Stimmt, es ist eigentlich perfekt passend zum Herbst! Ist komplett an mir vorbei gegangen irgendwie, ich wollte nur endlich diese Ornamente verwenden, weil es so schade gewesen wäre, wenn sie noch länger nutzlos lagern. ^^ Aber guter Anlaß um sich Stoff für passende Stulpen und Schal zu suchen, wo es so schnell so kalt geworden ist. :)

  3. so cute. I have a purse with a key holder attached and must admit it is a shame not all purses have one (I guess back in those days your husband was responsible for the huge ring of skeleton keys?)



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