Donnerstag, 9. September 2010

More envelope... and some speech bubbles!

I like the silhouette of the bird cut out with music notes. The upper spech bubble is the place for the stamp therefore it is with words. The lower speech bubble is to write the adress on it. Of course a small tentacle is somewhere to find ^^ Like I always say: "Oh, it's nice but it would be but a lot nicer with a tentacle on it!"

Another one on the back! The little clock is just clued to the top side of the closer of the envelope. It will be glued down to close the envelope as soon as I will send it.

I like to make a lot of speech bubbles (and cut some more other little things out ^^) to have a stash of them. Just use everything you have at hand. Coloured paper, with some written things on it, music notes, whatever. The really colourful ones are made out of the paper I have on my desc to protect it when I am painting. Speech bubbles make nice undergrounds for quotes, adresses, stamps, photos... just everythin, like a litte frame.

The other envelope is made out of my lizard photo which belongs to my Formentera: Critters collection. Some stamping, some little drames, a little bit of black colour, a lot more of silver embossing (a little bit difficult to see on the picture)... there it is!

And the back:

I prepared a larger stash of basic envelopes. So they are just a hand away to make something with them. The only thing I am still missing is a good system to order all my stuff especially the little pieces.

To make the basics I just print pictures in black and white (still no owner of a colour printer) and fold them to an envelope (look here for instructions). As picture I use ones for example ones from the really cool collection of the graphics fairy, I also found pictures at FarFarHill or I simply use my own paintings, photos and craftings for this.

This one is the print of "Written".

The print of my painting "Wildling".

My favorite cat from graphics fairy.

Also from her: The Tour Eifel.

And from FarFarHill this little bird.

So many possibilities... too many sometimes ^^ Like this you can also make cards and collages or scrapbooking pages. :)


  1. These are such lovely pieces of art the person who gets this one in the mail is so lucky! Would love you to join me at A Crafty Soiree, every Thursday.

  2. I love your style! This is just what I've been challenging my readers to do. Would you consider linking this up to my Art Therapy link party? I also have a Flickr group.



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