Dienstag, 7. September 2010

Cat envelope

Another new envelope. Just take a picture you like (you remember this cat? I used it to make a cat stencil out of it ^^) and print it out. I could say I prefer just black and white prints but that would be only the half of the truth: I don't have a colour printer... ^^

Just fold the paper like an envelope...

...then fold everything apart again. You see, you have your lines which you need to cut.

Cut all sides with a sharp paper knife and a ruler (or freehand or with a scissor...). Don't forget to make two sides a little bit wider for the glue or the double-faced adhesive tape (a lot easier!).

...and cut some curves for the outside (I don't know how this part of an envelope is called)!

And now the fun begins! Stamp all over the envelope, colour it, add some paper pieces, write on it...

...and add more colour!
(...with my beloved artistic water colours :) )


  1. I love how artistic this is! Do you have trouble mailing them because of the detailed decoration?

  2. Jeez. I love your work!! You take something simple and make it beautiful. :-)



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