Samstag, 4. September 2010

Glowing small octopus bag

Yesterday I was drinking coffee and chating with friends. During this time I kept my hands ocupied by sewing this little bag. It is really small, just big enough for my mobile, keys, ID card and some money. Perfect to go out dancing and it is so small it won't disturb too much!

Although it is so small it consist of four layers fabric on every side. Between two layers of black cotton is a quilt stuffing fabric and the inside bag is made out of violet silk. The strings are made out of braided jersey strands. The same I used for my jersey scarf "Lisboa II" and some of my warmers. Can't have enough of them! ^^ I even braid them into my own hair if I go out dancing.

And a keyholder! Absolutley neccessary! Belive me! Never ever again without on in my bags. :)

I wanted to have an octopus on it. White for the contrast in daylight as well as to stand out if there is an UV lamp at the dancing floor and also overlayed (you can see the greenish in the colour) with an night glowing colour. So after getting a little bit of light it will glow by it's own.

It's just so cool!

Need more of small glowing bags like this!

I think there are a lot of possibilities in this glowing colour. I will try out how good the colour will survive the washer (and at which temperatures) so maybe I could make some cloths with paintings like this. :)


  1. The octopus is so cute.

  2. Brilliant!! You're octopussies are always great! And I guess I'll try that keyholder thingie... cause my keys always hide from me, too. I guess it's in their nature...

  3. Thanks!

    There is nothing compareable to cephalopodae! :) Need more octopus and tentacle stuff for myself ^^

  4. super glowing octopus design saraccino. how cool that is glows in the dark!



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