Dienstag, 14. September 2010

Poopies - water colours painting

...and another flower. I like it but don't ask me what kind of a flower it should be. The paintings are made with artistic water colours on white cardboard and mounted on black cardboard. They will be added to a white cards.

In a lot of my previous blog entries I wrote about how the shape of an object defines it's nature. That simply by taking the silhouette of a tree or a crow (or something else ^^) you can create the effect of this object. The tree will be recoginzeable and is useable for a lot of decorations or crafting projects. I love to use the cut out silhouettes as stencils for painting on fabric. The possibilities are endless.

But another approach to capture the nature of an object is not to take the shape but the colours. A lot of water colour paintings follow this. Here you don't need a sharp outline but just the basics of the colour of you desired object. The better known this object is be better it will look (nobodies knows strange flowers but everybody knows poppies!).

A little trick: If you have pictures of flowers you want to paint like this, just use a computer programm to blur your picture a little bit or just squeeze your eyes while looking at it. In both cases you will get undefined but bright spots of colours. Take the main colours which are to be seen and just paint a rough image with them. At first the lighter colours and afterwards adding the darker ones (like always with water colours). Don't be too accurate (Yes, i love this sentence ^^), all you want so show with your picture is to be found in the colours you use.

I always paint on a bigger size paper so I don't have to care where my painted flowers are located. I cut the paper afterwards to the desired shape.

Edit: Mounted on cards

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  1. Those are lovely and I like that since you painted them they are truely one of a kind!



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