Dienstag, 31. Januar 2017

Inside her head... there was a whole universe (January AE COM)

Usually I love showing you some pictures of the different creation steps of the "stuff" I create. In between being still ill myself, my husband still recovering from his operation, work, work and more work and my general winter induced low energy levels.... I simply forgot to take pictures.

This time we got a leather cabochon from Lindsay Star for our component of the month (COM) challenge over at Art Elements. If you are curious how she made them, have a look here (I also had to "steal" one of her pictures since I also forgot to take a good picture of the leather cab before I used it).

Don't you think that the all look like little galaxies? The idea of a nightsky was never leaving my mind when I pondered what I should do. Lindsay also send a lot of other little surprised along with the leather cabochon; beads, leather, fabric.... and a little wooden queen (nope, no princess, she has a scepter and the real crown on her head). Although she also reminds me of Alice somehow... maybe the style?

Seeing both together I knew I also wanted to use them together.

My table is always full of other materials and ongoing projects (nobody should visit me without a warning in advance ;)). There was the lid of one of those cheap and ugly little treasure boxes people buy as gift wrappings (to put a gift coupon or something inside). I couldn't get myself to throw them away (had two), instead I opted to take them apart... and let the parts lay around.

But the little queen and the leather cab universe were a perfect fit for the box lid. I added pages from an old book, painted all over the lid, drilled holes in the leather cab (that was scary!), added some glass drops (these were also send by Lindsay, aren't they lovely?), painted over the queen (I wanted to add my own touch and enhance the colours), added a layer of resin on her, cut the the labels from card board.... and finally wrapped and glued all together!

"Inside her head... there was a whole universe"

Please have a look what all the other participants made with the leather cab!

And thank you again Lindsay, I hope you like what I made with your treasures :)

PS: I am sorry that I am late with my blog post... I had troubles with my camera (still have).


11 Kommentare:

  1. Wow! What a fantastic design... your work is really inspiring, I absolutely love your creation!

  2. fantastic and worth the wait, i love it 😉

  3. She is amazing Claire! One of my favorites for sure! And it is Alice - she has found the best wonderland of all in your little scene.

  4. I love this! I have been enjoying some of your mixed media work. This is fantastic. I love how it looks and also the saying.

  5. A very unexpected take on the cab but truly amazing!

  6. What a fabulous and unique way to use Lindsay's cab to brilliant effect.

  7. This is just spectacular Claire! I love what you have created, the colours are just perfect and it's a wondrous piece of art, I'm somewhat speechless!

  8. Okay, that's amazing! LOVE what you did with the cab.

  9. Thats magical! It does look like a version of Alice - the Tenniel illustrations, but I love how you altered it and made it yours. Many steps, many processes, but you kept the meaning clear. I love it.

  10. Very unique and beautiful interpretation. I want to enter into that little universe. Magical!

  11. She reminds me a lot of Alice from Alice in Wonderland too - which I love. Gorgeous work!



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