Sonntag, 29. April 2018

Horses - Theme of the month at Art Elements (AE)

Horses were the theme of this months theme challenge at Art Elements! Jenny chose the topic and put together a wonderful collection of inspirational images. Have a look here!  

My personal inspiration was this little wooden horse I found at a flea market. In one of my planters on our balcony we have some moos growing, so I used it as background.

I struggled a little bit what to do. Seems my usual line at the moment, which is strange, because I am creating a lot at the moment. So while I started with some polymer clay, I stopped that and went back to monoprinting again.

I love the magazin resist technique Birgit Kopsen showed at the Gelli Arts blog. I use it now to create a kind of "collages" with monoprinting. I often use several layers of paint, removing some parts of every layer before I pick it all up with the last one.

I so love how the paint looks through!

I used detailed pictures as well as abstract silhouettes. Still not sure what I prefer.

I also remembered that I carved a Pegasus based on a vintage image years ago. 

So I had a look where it was and played with it. 

As much as I love the stamp, I probably won't use it for monoprinting again.

A really simple technique I probably will do with the small kids in our family. Simply stamping with a waterproof ink and then some water colour on top (the ink acts as a resist... mh...maybe I should try that also for the monoprinting? Have to try that!).

And here is my work in progress piece made with polymer clay. Not sure whether I will work further on it or not.

I also used my handmade coffee water colour (yes, real coffee!) for a quick sketch. I used to paint a lot of horses as a kid and teenager, but I was better during that time than now. Seems I have to train again ;)

Also another fast middle in the night sketch where I went a little bit over the top with the colours. 

Please have a look what everyone else made for this challenge!

PS: Thank you Cathy for taking over the challenge reveal! :)


AE Team Members: 

Claire (you are here)


  1. These are wonderful and inspiring monoprinting results! I also love your paintings - the coffee one is just wow! (Not that the other one isn't - I just might be partial to monochrome.)

  2. Love the printing!! but my favourite is your last painting, all that colour and movement and expression, just brilliant :D

  3. wow it looks like you were busy Claire! I always love your work, there is always so much thought and depth put into what ever you do! Your coffee painting is just stunning but I am rather in love with your Pegasus stamp, just stunning!!!

  4. Seriously. Another overachiever! I'm loving your collages with the magazine resist technique. I have found some pages do not work with the technique, which is super disappointing. The coffee painting is stunning. I love it.

  5. I love your prints, I think I'm going to have to take a look at gelli printing. The effects are stunning!

  6. All of your work is awe-inspiring and magnificent! I especially love the last two, the coffee painting is perfect in my eyes and I'm LOVIN' those colors and everything about your middle of the night illustration!

  7. I am so in love with all your monoprints but these horses....WOW! I really do need to study some tutorials and start playing with my gelli plate.
    Your horse drawings are beautiful also-love the coffee watercolor one. Thanks for participating this month!

  8. Everything is amazing. Your choices of color are perfection. Your pegasus stamp is fantastic. Having attempted my first stamp carvings, I have a new appreciation for clean crisp lines.

  9. WOW Claire! Your drawings and prints are amazing! I do love that coffee watercolor one, it's fantastic! Your little polymer guy is cute too!

  10. I love your prints! And the stamped Pegasus - the carving is amazing. The drawing of the horses are incredible - I really love the colorful one.

  11. Oh I’m in love. The little Pegasus! The blue print! The coffee watercolors. Woman- what can’t you do?!



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