Samstag, 31. März 2018

Nests - Theme of the month at Art Elements

The theme of the month over at Art Elements was "Nests". Cathy chose the topic and also showed a wonderful collection of inspiration images and shared ideas how the theme could be interpreted. I loved the theme instantly!

But somehow my brain didn't cooperate. It seems that it really seems to work best when it is challenged. So what to do with a wonderful theme that speaks to me and a brain that says:Nope?

The days went by and I realized that maybe, just maybe, I pressured myself too much. Oh yes, my brain loves challenges.

My best ideas and methods in research were created due to challenges even though they may stress me at the same time. But there is something alluring in having to fully concentrate on a topic.

So back to the theme "nests" - if it is not a challenge, how about just starting? Without pressure, just playing?

So I didn't create something new or extra ordinary. I just created some sketches as exercises and to maybe expand my repertoire.

Even though I know that training is everything with any art and craft, I should do it more often.

Sitting there sketching I thought about the shape of a nest and the idea came for a simplified version for a stencil.

Simple silhouettes are wonderful for monoprinting where the color and pattern can add the complexity. I sketched a rough nest outline with eggs inside and then just cut out shapes and outlines freehand.

I often simply use normal paper for my stencils to be used for monoprinting. The first time the paper comes in contact with acrylic paint one has to be really careful if the stencil has very thin parts. The paint wets the paper and it becomes more fragile. But the more often the paper stencil is used, the more layers of acrylic paint add up, and the more stable it becomes!

I need to play more with the color combinations but I really love the simplified nest shape!

The real challenge this time? Not to overthink everything and just start.

Thank you Cathy for this theme! In the end it was a challenge and one I learned a lot! Please have a look what everyone else made! I can't wait to see all the creations!

15 Kommentare:

  1. I so agree, I tend to over think things too, I love to just doodle and your sketches of the nests are beautiful, little works of art.

  2. I love the stencils that you created for this challenge. I like to do mono printing too so I have really enjoyed your series of blogs on it.

  3. My muse works best under pressure as well. Your sketches are great and that nest stencil is fabulous. I would never be able to think how to break the idea of a nest down into component parts that work well for printing.

  4. Overthinking things always shuts my brain down! But it looks like you came up with some brilliant sketches and watercolor nests. But that stencil is just perfect for monoprinting! I just love it.
    Thanks for playing along this month.

  5. The stencils are beautiful, and I love how you've used them! Like Tammy, I'd find it pretty difficult to create a stencil - yeah, I'd overthink it and try something complicated. :) I like that you managed to let go of the pressure and just enjoy the process.
    (By the way, your sketches are pretty awesome.)

  6. Your paintings and sketches are amazing Claire! I love the prints too. I'm trying to resist another hobby with printing, but it's hard seeing your beautiful results!

  7. I completely get the not over thinking things and just start idea, but I aways leave things to the last minute so there is no time for procrasanation! I love your art work! Your doodles and sketches are beautiful and then there are your mono printing pieces! You have a great eye for colour, texture and detail and this makes your work so appealing to me!

  8. I LOVE your sketches! They remind me of Rein Poortvliet's sketches and illustrations! I had a similar problem with my brain...and finding enough time to really act on the ideas that I did have.

  9. This is the benefit of the themes! You “had” to sit and noodle with watercolors! Wonderful! No reason to feel it has to be complicated- play with the idea, the form, and there you are. The stencil is perfect and you know how I feel about your prints. Heavens. I swoon.

  10. This is the first stencil I see made for an inspirational challenge and the idea blew my mind! Though I love the drawings, too, it looks like you used just one style for each nest. And you're right, when you stop overthinking it, creativity enters.

  11. I love that you played with ideas - these themes are so stimulating and the work you produced is lovely.

  12. I told you on IG, but I really love your take on this challenge. And, getting a peek at your process to get there is awesome too. Your sketches and paintings are really lovely. You're just bubbling over with talent! And, I love seeing it.

  13. I love your nest sketches and how it came to be that you made the gelli prints!

  14. I love your nest sketches... they are lovely! Your prints with your stencil are really neat too. Thanks for sharing your process... it's good to know that other folks can overthink and hit road blocks too. Sorry to be hopping so late!



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