Dienstag, 27. Februar 2018

Assemblage - Component of the month (Art Elements)

For the component of the month at Art Elements, we got wonderful runes made out of bronze by Niky Sayers. The one I got was strength.

She also send a note with all the different meanings: Strength, sacrifical, animal, the Aurochs (bos primigenius) species of wild  ox

It took me a while to decide what to create with it. Also I got a really bad cold, some hardcore drugs with heavy side effects and was "out-of-order" for about two weeks, so also not the best starting point.

But there comes my wonderful/horrorful work table with so much stuff lying around. There is an order from time to time but I am not the one to keep that during creation... or when I only have limited time available, I prefer to use it for creating and not sorting.

This time it was a blessing because in one of the boxes were a lot of book covers I made last year (I showed you them over at Art Elements here). I took the rune and hold it against different book covers until I settled for the ones covered in dark brown leather (it was too thick for book binding but I still like it!).

Then I had a look what else was lying around me and started to create an assemblage of mixed materials to put on the front cover. So no way you can put this little book in a shelf but as an art book, it was never meant to be!

So, there is a branch with roots I found in the park and had to take with me, wonderful snail shells as well as broken shell pieces from Formentera, a hand I made with polymer clay (yes, body parts are also lying around ;) ), tiny semi-precious stones, and then some mixed media kind of paints I made myself (there will be more about this soon over at Art Elements):

I used some wonderful brownish/grayish sketch paper to sew the leaflets (110g/m2) and glued it in with a wonderful green paper with golden dots. Sadly it was too thin even though it didn't appear so.

Last but not least I attached a bone game pieces I got from a secret santa. I made the dangles in the "Use your stash" challenge at Art Elements and was not sure for what to use it. My ideas were earrings or necklace but Jenny (also at Art Elements, see below for her blog!) gave me idea to use it with a book. Thanks again for the idea! You see, I used it :)

And Niky, thank you so much for such a wonderful component that challenged me in the best way!
Please have a look what all the other participants made with Nikys runes.


Art Element Members:
Claire Fabian (you are here)

9 Kommentare:

  1. I love what you did with your rune!! It is spectacular. Your book cover looks like a treasure trove under the sea!

  2. I went down the book route too but totally different...you're is jsut beautiful and sets the rune off perfectly.

  3. My first thought was a book cover, maybe creating a book of magic and spells. I love your book and the texture of the cover it is the perfect setting for the rune.

  4. VERY cool work! I love that you have "body parts" laying around - sounds like my kind of studio! I love the feeling of being an old dug up book or something found out on a coral reef or something. It looks ancient and significant - such a great way to showcase your rune!

  5. I love how all of the components have come together, it's a beautiful design. I'm intrigued by the mixed media paint.. I'm looking forward to learning more about that!

  6. Ok. So let me get my shopping list straight. I need acrylic medium, embossing powders, oh! And crackle paint. Yes! I love this so much I’m not really sure what to say! Glad you liked the bone game pieces....

  7. Oh my it looks like an ancient treasure from the sea AND it's a book, Whats not to love! This is such a special piece and I too pick up bits of twigs and branches when out and about much to my other halfs horror!

  8. Amazing, Claire, as usual! I love how you put things together - love that you were able to use the stash components you made! Even sick, you are so creative!



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