Dienstag, 30. Januar 2018

Use your stash - Art Elements [January theme]

The theme of the January challenge at Art Elements Lindsay gave us was: Use your stash! On one hand a simple challenge but at the same time the hardest at all. I mean no excuse to get new beads or other material to play with, or even get new tools!

Moreover, there are unused items in ones stash for a reason: Pure treasure - never to be used! / never got complimentary beads / hole is too big or small / there is a perfect idea in my head with no idea how to realize this and so one and on....

January is also a month where there is a little bit of "new year" energy but that drop down really fast because work and the greyness of winter get a hard grip on that. So I made it a little bit easier for myself and set my goal to finish some UFOs that were...nearly finished. And hey, they were in my stash, no?!

The bottlecaps were already shaped and I even had the holes cut and filed. So all I had to do is add the dangling beads and some ear wires with a single bead as accent. I used to make a lot of these kind of earrings and I still love them! But honestly I got tired of making them. I think this will be the last ones for a long time.

We have a secret santa every year at the Art Elements Team. I got from my secret santa for christmas 2016 these wonderful bone pieces. I drilled some holes in them, stamped them and added a protective layer of epoxy. 

The dangles of these shoulder-duster earrings add such wonderful movement but... I cant capture it in a photo so you just have to take my word for it. Even though they are really long, they are light weighted and nice to wear.

My bead table and stash would never be complete without numinosity components (from Kimberly Rogers). Her organic style speaks to me and fits so wonderful in my own tribal, organic, and weird creations. I added some thread (also under the wire, adds just subtle texture), wire and freshwater pearls. I think there is a nice balance contrast where no part overwhelms the other.

I didn't finish all. I have another pair of these bone game pieces drilled and wrapped with a little bit of old paper waiting for their bead dangles. Also this finished single earring that is missing a partner, I have a very small bone game piece left, maybe I will go for assymetrical earrings... or I may change this piece to a pendant or ornament. 

Any idea or suggestion would be welcome!

And just look how the light comes through the glass, I so love czech glass beads.

Thank you for joining us and please have a look what everyone made!

12 Kommentare:

  1. I think it is totally fair for you to tackle some UFO projects for this challenge. You made some stunning earrings... I especially love those shoulder dusters! So fun and funky!

  2. Such beautiful pieces I love that you stamped the bone pieces they look amazing and those luminosity earrings are just perfect!

  3. I knew you would love the bone pieces! I now want to make earrings with some... or even that simple book binding? A mini book bound with a bone game piece and a rubber band... Ideas are forming! Love all the UFO's you dealt with!

  4. Dude, how lovely! Your teensy little dangles at the bottom of the bone items are SO pretty and dainty. Well done!!!

  5. I wish my ears could still stand earrings...I want to wear them all, but especially the really long ones! My favorites though are the wire/thread/pearl wrapped pieces. Every time I try to mix materials like that it never works out. I envy the balance you achieved!

  6. ooo those bone components really speak to me, love what you have done with them :D

  7. Great job, Claire! Those bone pieces that you altered are by far my favorites, wow, you are so creative! I always love reading your posts as well!

  8. Beautiful designs Claire, your work is really inspirational. I love the way you've used all of the components.

  9. Those are some fabulous earrings! I really love what you did with the bone beads.

  10. Those bone pieces are SO COOL!!!! And I adore the pair of earrings. I don't often wear long earrings, but I would wear those.

  11. I LOVE those bone pieces!!!!!! And those pitted red and black earrings make me swoon! I would love to see that last bone piece in a necklace personally...but I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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