Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2016

There are never enough tentacles!

I know... still not too much to show. But I will take some pictures to show you the jewelry I made for our wedding... as well as some impressions of course!

Just as a small teaser: Here are our wedding octopi! Actually these were plastic figures that I covered with black gesso and then painted and dry brushed with acrylic paint. They were in front of us at the table :)

And just for a small summary: It was just a wonderful day! Like it should be, better than ever imagined.

Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2016

Letters and numbers...

Just playing with materials a little bit. Honestly, I find it still strange that there is (and was) a label for something I also already did as a child: Just playing and mixing all available materials. But it is: Mixed media. 

Sonntag, 18. September 2016

"Bloom" - ATCs

The theme over at paper artsy was "Making marks". A perfect challenge for me since I just love to doodle, add pattern, little non-descriptive writings, rising texture... an so on. On the other hand, everything you make and add by hand is actually a mark. Every single one specific just for your own style, the way your hand moves... So an easy and difficult challenge at the same time ;)

I created 2 artist trading cards (ATC) although I have to admit that maybe the size is the only thing fitting with an ATC since I am tempted to keep them to myself ;) I called them "Bloom" in every sense and meaning of the word, literal as well as metaphorical. 

I used the same stencil for the flower part with a little bit of molding paste. The background was made with gelatine monoprints (I make my own plates). 

By the way, there are a lot of iridescent and metallic paints used so in some images some areas may look overly bright, just the light reflecting on the painted surface.

The I added some writing, marks, more colour, inks drippings, some new spray I got (the red enamel-like raised splatters) and more...

Thankfully ATCs have such a small size. Since even with this small size these two ATCs took a long time until I felt they were finished. Even now I am not absolutely certain but a deadline is also a good reason to find the stopping point.  

Love all the colours, marks and texture! The colourful pieces at the right upper corner of each card are by the way some "acrylic skin". Not done on purpose but I have a plastic folder under my painting area that I also use as a kind of palette and the acrylic paint went on it layer for layer... until I was able to peel it down! 

Now I will even keep my leftover dried acrylic paint on my working space ;)

Montag, 5. September 2016

Every Story Needs an Introduction... (at Art Jewelry Elements)

Growing, we are always growing if we allow ourselves to do so. If you want to get to know me even a little bit more than you got from my blog here, have a look at my introduction post over at Art Jewelry Elements as one of the new contributors. As times goes by I am not only learning to handle the more painful memories but also to talk about them and sometimes even smile (since the most painful memories are more than not also linked to our loved ones). 

Dienstag, 30. August 2016

"Dreaming of colour" - Polymer clay leaf pendants

Sometimes a theme seems to be simple, a theme like wood. There is so much one could create, forest silhouettes, actual trees, leaves and flowers, small and big animals, insects, overgrown stones and moos, hidden meadows...

But nothing hit me. It seems that the more limited a challenge is (okay this was just a theme but I do love to use it like a personal challenge ;) ) the better my brain actually is able to think beyond my usual ideas. So.... not with wood... too many great and nice options... *sighs*

It took several days until I was on my balcony, getting some fresh herbs... that I thought of texture and pattern. I made some years ago lovely black and white leaves from polymer clay using (not innovative but always lovely!) some real leaf imprints. An idea I wanted to go back to but maybe with different shapes.

So there we go... not all finished because the gloss caught a brush hair (have to remove the surface and gloss and then add gloss again), not sure whether I want to add more colour to some and of course still have to add the ear pins for the little round ones.

But here are some closer images of the ones who are finished. I like this drop with two different leaf vein structures: Fine lines at the front (or back if preferred)...

...and rather bold lines with a more rustic appeal on the back (or rather front?). Just seeing the pendant now: It could be a tree silhouette, nai? And little holes to add dangle just because I love dangles!

Like the earring pair at the top of the blog entry just really tiny! Love the hint of blue at the top...

The long and round shape is covered all over with the leaf vein structures. I took care to have the middle line go directly down at the front and the rest of the structures are going all around. It gives a stylized and still very natural and organic look.

I also made a simple leaf pendant with a more gentle colour scheme, not so contrasting like black and white. The hints of blue and green are lovely but I have to say, I personally prefer the stark contrast.

  Or maybe the combination with a hint of colour somewhere :)

You can find some of them at my etsy shop here but not all right now. Some need more gloss and the ear studs still need to be finished. But if you would like to get something I didn't list on etsy, just write me :)

Montag, 29. August 2016

Freitag, 26. August 2016

"Time can tell" - Artist Trading Card

A collage made with paper, cardboard, book pages, fabric...
Painted with acrylic paint, gesso, stamping ink, water colour, black marker...

Maybe I will add some focus point... some day... but also love the tree as it is right now :)

Mittwoch, 24. August 2016

Art Jewelry Elements - I am one of the new contributors!

Okay, here are some exciting news (yes, you may already have got that with the blog title alone ;) )! I will join Art Jewelry Elements as a contributor!

I may or may not have had a big smile over my face and may or may have not jumped up and down a little bit. I will leave this to your own imagination!

But I really feel honoured! AJE is one of the blogs I am following myself for years now and they always had one of my favorite challenges ever: Component of the month (all contributors get the same component by one of the members and some components will also be given away to readers as a giveaway... everyone will use this component to create something and show it roughly a month later).

My first introduction post will be soon and I am playing with some ideas in my head what to show / do / write for my first impression (don't hesitate to make suggestions!).

After some break I am also planning to join some markets again this year, hoping to get some new displays done with Rumpel (or rather get him an idea so he can create them for me! Including some LED lights...!) and last but not least: Rumpel and I will get married in October!

I you wonder, of course I'll create some special jewelry for this date (for me and maybe some loved ones).

Dienstag, 23. August 2016

"Moment" - Artist Trading Card

One of my favorites I ever made. Maybe even THE favorite ATC. It started quite randomly and gained shaped and contour, feeling and texture step by step.

I know it is an ATC but no, I will keep it with me! ;)


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