Samstag, 28. März 2020

"Gnomes" - Art Elements Theme Challenge

Okay, I have to admit this was one of the more difficult themes for me. Although gorgeous illustrated children's book with wonderful tales on gnome life are a joy to look at and make me smile (Jenny, who chose the theme, shared some) - it never tempted me to create some of my own. It like with a lot of other topics. I can create cute images but they are not "me".

However, it is called challenge and so I challenged myself by starting with some sketches. Trying to find one I would like to use as base for a painting. It didn't work and I stopped working on the theme for a long time. Sure, there were other reasons for this as well, especially changing from the lab to home office.

But then I went back to Jenny's inspirational books and thought of the landscapes and houses. So here is just a picture I had to take with an old tiny dog miniature toy...

...and then I used the Easter egg I made for my Art Elements blog post yesterday and used it to create a tiny landscape as well.

The houses are simply added with polymer clay, I had some organic dried stuff lying around (my stash is enough to occupy several people for a.... very long.... time ;) ), and then I painted everything after baking.

Thank you for joining us and please have a look at everyone's creation! :)

AE team:
Claire (you are here)


8 Kommentare:

  1. I struggled with the concept of "Gnom" vs. "Zwerg" and "Kobold" in German myself. I was so tempted to go for a "Gnom" which wouldn't have to be cute just to do something different, but I didn't have enough time plus I didn't want to make the blog post too long by explaining the differences. I think that's the reason for the sketch with the mouse and bird resonating with me that much.
    I do adore that little egg landscape, though. That one's definitely cute!

  2. I love your sketch of the gnome with the mushrooms and bird/nest on his head. He is perfect as is, he doesn't have to be cute! I really love what you did with the egg!! The addition of the wee little houses and the moss is magical.

  3. I love those drawings you made and hate that they didn't inspire you to paint. But, I do understand how that goes. Your little egg is AMAZING! I adore all the texture and the root-like vines hanging below. I'll definitely have to check out that post from you!

  4. Your sketches with watercolor are fabulous. "Cute" is not my thing either but I don't yet have the skill to make things with the character I wish. Your sketches are more how I wish I could have depicted my gnomes. The gnome village on an egg is amazing. Such great little details.

  5. Claire - I love it all. The sketch of the forest creature with the mouse and the bird? I can see it waking up in the forest and sitting after a long sleep, startling the wild life. Its very Froudian, IMO.

    The egg is so fun, fantastic! And the scale is so tiny - makes it all the more charming to me!

    Thank you for accepting the challenge and participating - even though we have other challenges also on our minds... I hope there was some fun in there!

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