Donnerstag, 31. Oktober 2019

"Eyes" - Art Elements Theme Challenge

This month's theme at the Art Elements theme challenge was chosen by Laney - Eyes. A wonderful topic and one I sadly was not able to explore as much as I would have loved to. There are several work in progress projects and maybe some of them will also be finished some day (yes, I still haveUFOs that are several years old ;) ).

What I love about the monthly theme challenge, is that it gives me ideas for my blog posts at Art Elements (and hopefully may serve as inspiration for you as well). 

This time I updated one of my old tutorials to create these tiny wee eyeball earrings! They always make me smile, especially mounted on the skull card. 

Although it is not directly fitting to the theme, I also wanted to give you an update about my new ceramic palettes and upcycled/repurposed water color palettes. 

Although not a perfect fit, I managed to put the two smaller test pieces in an old tin I had available (I love old tins!). In some of the small wells I put some water color as well.

The make-up palettes worked better than I thought! Yes, the lid won't open fully so you can't use it as palette but on the other hand it is so small and light weight and allows me to bring way to many colors with me ;)

Even my glued in dividers to create more wells in the lowest row (the are for the make-up brush) worked really good.

I think the plastic itself will be stained over time but nothing that worries be too much. Oh, and I added some Beatles Moeskin sticker on top! Just... because...

The ceramic palette with the larger wells was the only one that had some crackling with the glaze. I didn't notice while using water colors, but I also used some acrylic ink with it and it stained the crackles (being acrylic, maybe it also sealed them as well ;) ). 

A reference picture with my hand so you get an idea about the size.

And the gorgeous tin from the outside! Honestly, all of it worked way better than I thought and I regularly now used it as home as well while sitting on the couch and painting. I got a lot more tins from a friend (she know me, found them on a flea-marked and got them all for me!) and I will try to create some ceramic palettes that fit them. My plan is to finish them before christmas.

Back to the theme... Here are some of my sketches. Playing around with color combinations and styles, not all worked but that is what a sketchbook is for.

And this colorful one is my favorite!

Also an eyeball creature... the people who played pen and paper with me, know these creatures ;)

And my unfinished projects... I painted some eyeball cabochons (some also with glow in the dark paint). The plan is to combine them with polymer clay and create a book cover with a lot of eyes looking at you.

I also remembered that I carved eye stamps during the Luna moth challenge some months ago...

The upper two are still some of my favorite stamps ever.

I played with them on book covers but there still needs to be a lot of marks added to the covers as well as some metallic accents here and there. Also a project that would be nice to be finished before christmas (this year's one).

Thank you for joining us on this month's theme challenge! Laney, I loved your theme even though I was not as productive as I hoped too! But I will finish some of the UFOs! :)

And please have a look at all the other participants!

Art Elements Team
Claire  (you are here)


15 Kommentare:

  1. I am always drawn to your watercolor sketches and paintings. Those eyes are just spectacular especially the very colorful one. I adore those little eyeball earring studs. I may have to make some for myself. I am envious of your watercolor palettes that you created. They are perfect for carrying with you everywhere!

  2. The tiny eyeball studs are very cute. On the card they are irresistible.

  3. The colorful eye is my favorite, too!
    I also love the little eyeball studs. Imagine having several ear piercings and a whole row of them watching others, hee-hee :-D

    Beautiful work as always!

  4. Love the little eyeballs - so cute!

    I'm really impressed with the rainbow eye in your sketches/paintings. That is really beautiful.

    And, your book covers are fantastic. What a great idea!

  5. So many amazing projects! I, too, love that colorful eye the most. And, your palettes in tins are AMAZING. I'm a fan of old tins too. I love that you're upcycling them in this manner.

  6. Me too! that colourful eye is just awesome! I love the eye-dear (terrible pun!) of a book cover looking at you too can't wait to see that! As always your blog is full of interesting pieces, you are a very talented person!

  7. Oh I love all your pieces, I love the little eye studs and that colourful eye you painted. So many wonderfully different things

    Elaine ❤️

  8. Love everything. Your polymer eye earrings tutorial was great and I've marked it to try. The stamps are awesome and the painted eyes are spectacular.

  9. I always love reading your posts and seeing your drawings! Love your little paint palettes - great idea! I especially love the colorful eye you painted!

  10. I agree with you - I love the colorful eye too.
    The stud earring eyeballs are to die for!

  11. Those eye stamps are favorites of mine too! Your palettes amaze me! I think the eye ball earring cards is genius! The idea with all the eye balls makes me thing of the mossy eye ball creature from Labyrinth - do you know the one I mean?

  12. Love all "your eyes", but your unfinished projects, the eyeball cabochons is very interesting. I want to see it ready. It will definitely be awesome.


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