Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2018

Tide pools - Theme challenge at Art Elements

It is time again for our monthly theme challenge at Art Elements. This month Lesley chose the theme "Tide pools". I don't know what I should say to this theme other than that I believe it is really, really difficult to not find any inspiration in that!

I started playing a little bit with water colour. Experimenting with the effects I get by combining heavily granulating single pigment paints with ones that are not granulating...

...trying out some plant shapes as well as my new diamont silver aqua bronze from Schmincke (yes, so totally worth the money!)...

...and then going for some sketches. I had a look at Instagram for inspiration pictures just to get started and get a feeling for what I like and not.

I was undecided. I am actually playing nearly daily a little bit with my water colours, but not in any direction fitting for the theme. I use this daily play time more as a kind of diary or in combination with some personal note, so I didn't want to force myself to paint for this challenge.

Then I had a long look at my table after seeing  some sneak peaks from other Art Elements team members. Sitting there, looking at pieces of my work, I realized that I am mostly drawn to colours, effects and surfaces that all fit perfectly in the theme "tide pools".

Like I was not really doing anything else! Bowls, spoons, pendants, beads...

I made a tutorial for these glorious crustiness over at Art Elements, have a look here :)

Therefor I wanted to show you some things I made that I thought would fit for this challenge and hoped that while doing this I would get an idea what exactly I want to create.

This years I am mostly working with mixed media, water colours... not so much beads, ceramics, or jewelery. I spend a long time sitting in front of the cupboard where all my bead boxes are (the ones not sitting on or under the table ;) ) and going through all of my beads and art elements for creating jewelery I have. Gosh, it was a little bit like christmas seeing the kind of treasures I haven't looked at for months now!

I made a huge bead soups with fitting colours because I had the idea to finally make some necklaces from all the pendants I have. Didn't work out because in the end I came back to one of my oldest love "Earrings"!

It was a little bit slow at the beginning because my hands had to get their work memory back but after I finished some earrings pairs, all had come back and I realized how much I missed the joy of creating jewelery.

The photos of the earrings were all taken after some heavy rainfall creating a somehow quite fitting background. ;)

I am never sure whether my earrings will find a person who loves them as much as I do, sees the beauty in the single elements included and the stories they tell... but I was often surprised who bought which earrings from me and (sadly) which ones are still in their box waiting for someone to be treasured.

Please have a look what everyone else made for this theme challenge! And just again a thank you to all the guest who participated in this challenge, I can't wait to see all your creations!

And PS: Lesley, thank you for the wonderful theme! :)


AE Team Members:
Claire (you are here)


  1. My favourite colours Claire, you have been inspired, I love the little watercolours, and I love your earrings probably as much as you

  2. What an abundance of inspiration and such lovely things that come from the theme. Your watercolours are beautiful and are very much one of my favourite palettes and I recognise several of those hues form my own collection :) Thank you for taking part in the challenge.

  3. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by all the possible media and items! I'm sure it feels gratifying to be making jewelry again, you came up with some really cool designs! My favorite is the first pair. And I love the blue-greens of those bowls!

  4. Claire, wow, everything you did is wonderful! I love your watercolors, so beautiful! I love your ceramics as well, I love how the glaze pools in the details! And I'd say you got your earring mojo back! Very pretty!

  5. Your inspiration work in your journal with all the lovely paintings of sea life and creatures are just perfect. I love seeing your sketches and drawings/paintings. The colors you use in your ceramic pieces are some of my favorites-such calming blues. And I adore your earrings-always great designs.

  6. Those gorgeous colors, just wow. I loved the watercolors, and it's wonderful to see you return to an old pursuit again - it inspires me to try out some watercoloring after more than a decade of dipping my toes in it! :)

  7. The earrings and ceramic work are beautiful and definitely embody the ocean/tide pool theme for sure!
    I love your concept doodles and watercolor tidbits even more! I find I'm often impressed by artists conceptual sketches sometimes even more than a finished painting. I think I just really like the process behind things and a glimpse into the creative mind. thank you for sharing a peek inside!

  8. All of your varied creations are wonderful. I think you have a real eye for color. I miss seeing your jewelry. Your last pair of earrings are my favorites.

  9. I was so taken with your sketches that I had a hard time tearing myself away from them to see what happened next.
    Everything is so pretty!

  10. Your earrings are wonderful especially the last pair definitely my fav! You are a talented artist loved seeing your process!

  11. So many beautiful photos! I am very draw to the colours you use Clair that second pic of the water colour circles, I would just put that in a frame and hang it on the wall it's so lovely. I love all of your work and your earrings are adorable.

  12. Claire, All of your inspiration and experiments are just wonderful. I don't know how you find the time to do it all!! Anyhow, I'm choosing the last pair as my favorite, the transparence and colors just speak to me. :)

  13. I want to take a watercolor class with you. Your pieces walk a line between loose and gestural and precise. I love the composition of the boxes - without frames. That really resonated with me. You know I love your rich deep translucent glazes. The earrings are lovely - and you were prolific - the crystals and crusty drops are my fav though. Nice juxtaposition.

  14. I love the blues and greens that you seem drawn too. They are very soothing. Your watercolors are lovely. And those earrings are beautiful.

  15. you have been so busy!! I am really enjoying your painting journey and the blues in those ceramics are just stunning.

  16. Your watercolour sketches are amazing Claire, I wish I had your skill with a brush! Your ceramics are stunning too, you get such rich colours in your glazes. And the earrings... they look like they belong on mermaids!

  17. I love seeing your play with your watercolors! Your earring creations are all lovely... glad you're getting your jewelry making mojo back!

  18. I really love everything, but I especially love seeing the small watercolors on the large page. It's sort of like looking at a one of those books with the beautiful illustrations of natural things. Like shells or fish or whatever. Why can I not think of the specific word for that right now? UGH! Getting old is hard word. Hopefully you know what I mean.



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