Dienstag, 2. Mai 2017

Take a deep breath...


There are still a lot of things on my to-do list that I just didn't manage to do in the last weeks/months. I am sorry but I am not ready to write about this here, at least not now. It will take a little bit more time to be processed by myself.

But the sun is finally out again, the temperatures are getting mild and all the plants around us are in full growth mode. It makes me feel lighter and like I am finally breathing free again.

This month's component of the month (COM) at Art Elements (AE) is a gorgeous bead made by Jennifer Cameron. She had the Northern Lights in mind while creating these beads but actually felt they rather have an ocean feeling to them. I agree and for me this is perfect.

The bead I got has a deep and clear blue that remindes me of the surreal wonderful colours of the Mediterranean sea in the summer time. The blue you can only see when the sun is on its peak of power and the skies are cerulean blue.

And it makes me smile. It brings me to the moments on Formentera in spain in the summer time when everything is just as it should be. The air is filled with the fragrance of pines, rosmarine and thyme, the light so stark at the white sand and red rocks, you can taste the salt on your lips and the ocean so powerful vibrant and clear showing all shades of blue to turquoise.

I believe we are all lost from time to time. Struggle with the world around us and even more with ourselves. Formentera always brought me back to myself. Let me take a deep breath...

So for me this bead was a wonderful inspiration and reminder. Thank you very much Jennifer!

PS: Just for the record: I used actually some wool from my stash and some cotton thread. Both were fiddled through the bead, knotted and then I wrapped the wool around the cotton thread. At the end I also added some turquoise waxed linen to add some highlights. The ceramic bead is from Grubbi ceramics by Natalie McKenna and the small ones are african glass beads.

PPS: By the way, the necklace looks great when worn with a very tribal but elegant look. They weight of the bead is perfect for this, not too much, not too light weight :)

PPPS:Please have a look at what everyone else made this month!

Guest Designers:
Sarajo Wentling
Deb Stewart

Art Elements Team:
Sue Kennedy
Laney Mead
Lesley Watt
Claire Fabian
Karen Totten
Cooky Schock
Jenny Davies-Reazor
Caroline Dewison
Cathy Spivey Mendola
Niky Sayers
Lindsay Starr
Jen Cameron

12 Kommentare:

  1. I wouldn't have thought of combining lampwork with wool but it worked wonderfully, just like the rugged beauty of the ocean!

  2. I just love your necklace design. It is perfect for that bead. And I do love the tribal feel with the wrapped cord-beautifully done!

  3. Beautiful job, Claire! I love it! Perfect for the summer!

  4. I really love this for the casual yet elegant look, the wearability of it, and also the memories my little bead brings you. Formentera sounds lovely.

  5. I love the rich colours you've used, it really makes the focal shine... it's a beautiful design!

  6. I really like the bohemian feel of this. Well done!

  7. Love the cord very much it really sets off the bead :D

  8. Damn woman - you invoked summer with salt and sea air! Your words are a gorgeous counterpoint to your piece. I think its lovely - but I am thrilled it has become a talisman for you. Yes - we all get lost - feeling lost right now myself. Thank you for that... I think I need some ocean therapy ASAP. ( Granted Delaware? Not Spain. LOL. But it will do!)

  9. What a lovely and unusual necklace, I really admire designs that work with fibres as it is something that I always struggle with and I love how you have used a bead as a clasp! Great design and I hope that things improve for you x

  10. I love how all the blues work together. Nice piece!

  11. I love the effect you achieved with the layers of wrapped fibers! Gorgeous.



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