Dienstag, 30. Mai 2017

"Treasures" - Art Elements component of the month (COM)

Time seem to fly, way to fast to be honest... Strangely enough the COMs over at Art Elements (AE) are a stark reminder that again a month has gone by. It is finally warm again, even hot, around here and the days are long and sunny. It feels good and I needed this. Still, I am not back into full mood.

This is probably why this time I was not challenging myself but rather stayed in my comfort zone. After all it is called comfort zone for a reason, nai? This month Lesley Watt send us beautiful ceramic pendants or cabs (if you want some too, there are some left in her shop). I you follow my blog for some time, you know how perfect they were for me looking like treasures found in the sea and also she chose the perfect colour combination for me. Although all variations of her pendants are nice, turquoise gets me, always!

I made a knotted necklace with grey waxed linen that is long enough that one don't need a clasp but can simply pull it over the head. I chose these matte and silver lined glass beads to go with it. I bought a lot of them several years ago but I never found the exact shade again. I love how they shimmer against the grey. 

I added some accents with some other beads closely but asymmetrical arranged around the pendant. There are some african recyled glass beads, some from thailand and several of my own ceramic clay beads. I think I used up all of my small and tiny beads I made. Mostly I tend to work lager but seeing how well the smaller ones fit here... uh... I need to make more!

 Here you can see the knots a little bit better. On the left side I had to make one a little bigger since the hole was also quite big even with a little bead as "stopper" added.

They way how the end of the waxed linen hung after I finished the necklace was something that I liked somehow. I entangled the single strands and cut them a little bit.

 Although I have to admit I am still not sure whether I should keep it like this or rather cut them completely...

So here you go, all my favorite colours, my favorite theme and one of my favorite techniques... all in my comfort zone... and sometimes this is exactly what I need :)

Thank you Lesley for this beautiful pendant!

Please have a look what all the others created with this months COM! :)

Art Elements team
Laney Mead
Claire Fabian (you are here)

12 Kommentare:

  1. This is so pretty Claire and there is nothing wrong with comfort in these trying times we live in. I like the linen strands but would maybe try knotting 1 or 2 tiny beads at the bottom of each one... Thanks for taking part :0)

  2. Love it! Keeping it simple is sometimes the best choice. I love the knotted necklace and I do love the ends of the linen hanging down-it reminds me of seaweed. Really evokes the ocean.

  3. I love your colours, that blue is so restful. Beautiful design, perfect for summer ;)

  4. Even though you stayed in your "comfort zone" it's very interesting and very pretty! I like the simpleness of it!

  5. Beautiful design! I love your ceramics, crackle glazes are one of my favourites.

  6. Seaweed - I agree with Cathy. And Lesley - a few seeds and keep the fringe. Wear it. Enjoy it! I don't see where you should apologize for comfort zone - when its true to your design sense, color palette, and style. I love COMs sometimes a piece just falls into my hands completed! Sounds like this was one of those!

  7. Lovely necklace, Claire. I agree with the others... no need to apologize for creating what the spirit moved you to make! It's beautiful and filled with interesting beads in a pleasing manner... mission accomplished!

  8. You made a lovely necklace in your comfort zone...I would stay there too!!

  9. Lovely Claire! I would wear this piece every day. It contains beads, colors, textures and materials that inspire me, not to mention the colors! If the face component hadn't spoken to me, my piece may have ended up looking quite similar to yours, because it's simply a feel good design. So wonderful!

  10. I think I deleted my previous comment (?) anyway, just in case, I'll repeat... It's a beautiful piece - and I'm with you in going for comfort and simplicity. :)

  11. I love it! I think it is a beautifully balanced design and all of my favourite colours plus the loose waxed linen reminds me of flotsam and jetsam in the sea!

  12. A lovely simple design that makes the pendant shine :) I really love the little tassel of thread off to one side - it really offsets the whole thing. I think the comfort zone did you quite well!



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