Sonntag, 1. November 2015

"Grown in time" - Earrings

These are some of the few polymer clay pieces I made in the past weeks and months. On one hand I made more ceramic beads and was active in the general organisation at the makerspace leipzig. On the other hand work took over quite a lot of my private life. *sighs* It will also change again but for the moment it is like this. 

 I went for a more organic look again, adding texture to create a tribal feeling. I think I'll have someday to prepare a lot of polymer clay sheets incorporating translucent but here we just have a natural colour alone.

The drops you see were made from headpins by Sasha Crow (you can find her here). I follow her work for some time now (oh, she also creates beautiful ceramic pieces!) but the final straw was an irresistible offer from her for a bunch of ten headpin pairs... yes, I also got some others too ;)

In case you are wondering: I'll try to list them soon with some other new pieces at my etsy shop.

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