Montag, 2. November 2015

"Human hands" - Earrings

It may sound like a strange name, or? But for me, it is what these earrings represent for me. Have a look at all the beads, at every single one of them...

Do you see all the different colours, the subtle shades making every single one of them unique?

The rough and crusty surface, the little speckles time left on them...

Some of the beads are new. Lovely made by Kimberly from numinosity beads. But other are old, some just a few hundred years and some even one or two thousand years old. Roman glass, trade beads, art beads, the work of human hands then and now combined. 

To hold something in my hand that was made by other hand so long ago, lost in the earth just to be found again. It is beauty, pure beauty, with all the stories they behold.

A clear design, a round and a spindle shape combined, but with the weight of so many stories inside. 

Human hands.

You can find them here, if you want to hold onto these ancient little treasures :)

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