Dienstag, 3. November 2015

"Slender stone" - Earrings with semi-precious stones

I have some small semi precious stone beads for some time now. Small discs, nuggets, fragments... Not the highest quality or rare ones, rather from old jewelery taken apart or just some beads I couldn't resist buying. In the end the most important part of choosing what to buy is the feeling it has. Texture, colour, tactile qualities, shapes... it all comes together.

You may also see here some of my favorite colours, somewhat greenish and blueish up to gorgeous shades of grey. Moonstone actually (the white and grey pieces) combined with apatite. 

I love the contrast of the general tear drop shape and the rough shapes of the single beads, the colour gradient against the bronze and brass, the idea of stone yet so light weight to wear.

They look really lovely when worn. One of those earrings that even look more lovely worn!

And yes, I try to list them faster, so here you go, they can be found at my etsy shop here.

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