Freitag, 13. November 2015

"Silver rain drops" - Recycled rustic and tribal necklace

In case you are wondering if this looks somehow familiar.... yes... the pendant was shown in one of my "working table" blog post. I finally managed to finish the necklace... took me just over a year in total ;)

But maybe that was just the time needed. Because I was unsure in between but now, I just the necklace!

The metal pendant is made from an old chinese tea tin box. I cut it apart, sanded, hammered, formed and punched it. I love the geometric golden pattern that looks quite worn and rustic. 

The silver czech glass drops add a beautiful contrast to the yellow and golden tin wrapped in copper with a really dark patina. Also all the other beads are czech glass beads, ranging from golden to mustard, from black to clear glass.

The dangles at the pendant move beautifully and add the right amount of weight to the light weighted tea tin box pendant.

I also liste it in my shop here :)

PS: And yes again... I just had to show you sooooo many pictures! Just a try to show you how beautiful it is (but as always difficult to capture on camera).

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