Donnerstag, 12. November 2015

"Purple haze" - All the beauty of artisan lampwork!

Gorgeous jewel tones, from purple to a deep blue combined with all the shades in between. The dark patina of the wire keeps the focus on the colours. I just love the long slender shape of the lampwork headpins. Tactile qualities are also always something that play an import role for me creating jewelery. The matte surface of the glass is wonderful to touch and in contrast with the soft fibers of the silk around the top.

All the beads are artisan lampwork beads. The beautiful headpins are from Kimberly Rogers (numinosity beads) and the small weenies on top from Julie Wong Sontag (ugliebeads). It seems again that the pieces were made for each other!

Oh, I had to put the other pair I made with such long headpins out of my shop. I couldn't bear to pass them away and now wearing them so often!

You can find them in my shop here :)

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