Mittwoch, 18. November 2015

"Tribal marks" - Long earrings made with polymer clay

So much I would love to do, so much I just have to do... and in between a lot of ideas are lost or worse, in the little saved time, there is no energy anymore to be found to use those ideas. It happens more often to me than I like to admit. But this is also the reason why I try to do baby steps. One at a time, not the overall big idea or project, but the little parts... 

So I made some more polymer clay beads. I made hree pairs in total only (yes... in terms of energy definitely a waste, in terms of motivation for me, just worth it!)... one o the other ones you can see here: "Grown in time"

I was thinking of adding something more but in the end I just stopped at the simple dangling earrings. The polymer beads are already full of interest with the tribal marks, their length and the different colours. 

I also listed them in my shop here :)

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