Sonntag, 1. November 2015

"Alive" - Earrings


Sometimes I am struggling to come up with a name for my pieces. Or rather the right name... a name that somehow reflects the impression and feelings I have seeing the piece. There are pieces that don't have their own name because they just don't have their own story or they just don't speak to me. But here it was different. I love the earrings. I just love them! They have such a fresh, lush, natural feeling to them...

...the best I can describe it is the fragrance of a wood. Just this moment, in summertime, shortly after a rain when the sun comes out again, and you smell the earth, the plants, the flowers, the grass... You take a deep breath, getting it all inside of you even if you seem to be too small to hold this powerful feeling. 

The moment where everything is okay, where you are just here and now, where the world around us, nature shows it's most beautiful and yet so powerful side. 


The lampwork beads are made by Sue Reynolds and the tinnes headpins by Sasha Crow. I have listed the earrings in my shop here.


  1. I love both the earrings and the way you describe the feeling of them in this post... so lovely. It's been WAY too long since I visited your blog - I have missed a lot! xo



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