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Petroglyphs - Art Elements monthly challenge!

This month's theme was petroglyphs chosen by Karen!

As a short definition of petroglyphs (translated from the german Wiki page which I found more accurate and understandable than the english page ;) ):
A petroglyph (from Greek πέτρος petros "stone" and γλύφειν glýphein "carve", plural: Petroglyphs) is a rock carved in stone from prehistoric times. Unlike rock paintings, a petroglyph has been engraved, scraped or pecked into and soaked into the ground.
But to be honest, even though the method plays an important role of what is a petroglyph, I rather focused on the symbols and images first. Of course all the symbols had meaning although we still don't know all of it depending on time, place, and culture. So at first I went for any shape that spoke to me... and of course I looked into my sketch book if I could find images that would already fit to the theme!

The reason I had a look into my sketchbook was that I am drawn to use circles in my abstract work. Don't ask me why but especially the crossed circles or circles with added lines can be found again and again in my work. It speaks to me on a very basic level.

And dots of course! I mean dots! There are never enough dots on a page! Below is a mixed media page in my sketchbook using some simple plant drawings. Quite symbolized like so many petroglyphs.

Then I started copying petroglyphs from images I found online. Some are one to one copies others are variations I preferred. I know that I need to actually draw something to see whether it works for me or not! Again, look at a the circles, you will find me all in my work already!

Here is a collage of some of my work from the beginning of this year!

Even though I think the meaning of these circles in the different cultures are different than the ones for me, they seem to have a basic appeal to humans in all ages!

Can you spot the modern ones? I realized that the symbols for eletrical systems are all looking like ancient petroglyphs! Speaking of modern petroglyphs... I found these symbols on my way home!

Back to the circles - I drew some circle variations because I wanted to create a stamping plate with them. 

I found the plastic in my art supply store in the printing area. These plastic foam boards are meant for kids: They can simply scratch their images in the foam and then you can use the board as printing plate! I thought that would be the perfect fit for a petroglyph design because I have to scratch my design in the foam!

They don't give perfect impressions but they are fun to play with! Although I think I prefer carving rubber or linoleum definitely ;) 

Some circles turned out nice, others rather meh... But it was fun to play with.

The other side... the foam is thick enough to use both sides.

Again, fun to play with but rather meh as result... I think I will later try to use it for monoprinting on a gel plate.

And last minute: A stamp made with a strange plastic material that is sold for linoprinting but nope, fresh lino or rubber is was better! But you know, I need to try new materials ;)

One the good side: The plastic was a little bit strange and difficult to cut so the lines are rather organic.It created the look I wanted: Like an old carving! This one will definitely be a stamp I will use often in my mixed media creations! I will also leave the tiny spots where I didn't carve away everything.

I think this would also be a wonderful theme to be more explored in clay but this month was gone so fast... I think the grey men must have visited me!

Thank you for joining this month's theme challenge and please have a look at what everyone made! :)

Art Elements Team:
Lesley Watt: http://www.lesleywatt.com
Jenny Davies-Reazor: https://jdaviesreazor.com
Cathy Spivey Mendola: http://cmendola.blogspot.com
Sue Kennedy: http://www.suebeads.blogspot.com
Caroline Dewison: http://www.blueberribeads.co.uk
Laney Mead: https://laney-mead.blogspot.com/
Marsha Neal Minutella: http://blog.marshanealstudio.com
Claire Fabian: https://saraccino.blogspot.com (you are here)

17 Kommentare:

  1. I like your approach to this months theme, and I enjoyed seeing your process

  2. I love having a look into your notebooks Claire! So fascinating to a non-drawer!

  3. Oh Claire - these are SO invigorating to see. Your sketch books - they are just beyond my words to describe how great they are (thank you for sharing with us).

  4. I would love to spend an afternoon with you just creating mixed media and learning how you do it because your work really intrigues and inspires me. As always I loved seeing your process :D

  5. I'm with SueBeads on this ... I don't draw myself, so to see what others come up with is always fascinating to me!

  6. First, thank you for the peek into your art journal. Your pages are inspiring! Yes, you definitely have a thing for circles - and you make them sing! Your stamp methods in the foam is really interesting. I like all the circle variations you were able to come up with. Oh, and your carved stamp is neat. I like the imperfect carve too. I think that's my favorite part of a hand-carved stamp. Way to go with this challenge!

  7. I love how you tried a few new mediums instead of going straight to your tried and true method!! I definitely love the circle project and I think they turned out better than you’re giving yourself credit for! ❤️

  8. Really enjoyed seeing your process Claire and your mixture of ancient and modern. Your final prints and designs turned out beautifully!

  9. I always love seeing your sketchbook paintings and drawings. They are so inspiring! And thanks for the idea of using the foam boards for carving into and using as printing plates. Fantastic idea!!

  10. Thank you for sharing your journal. I love seeing the focus on circles in it. Your prints and designs were interesting to see.

  11. I always enjoy the peeks into your sketch books. Such wonderful colors and patterns. The circles you carved on the board are great and I can see them transferring well in clay. The reverse image is much better than meh, in my opinion. And I love the last stamp.

  12. Really cool! Loved the peek into your thinking and process. Your sketchbooks are wonderful and I loved the printing results as well!

  13. I love your journal - I love the diverse explorations. The simple pages playing with color or line, or shall I say circles. The collage, everything. And knowing how demanding your job is in time and energy I marvel at how prolific you are.

    You inspire me every month. I often get too stuck in my head. You inspire me to respond creatively to the materials and to hone my artistic intuition.

    I like the press foam prints - and know you will dial them up to fabulous when gel printing!

  14. I like your circles, all of them. And your ability to play with different mediums.
    When you mentioned dots, it reminded of a former colleague when I was a graphic designer in another era. He did india ink stippling and made wonderful images. Have you tried that? I'm sure yours would turn out fantastic. Alysen.

  15. You have such depth and breadth to your talent Claire..I love the way you approached this theme...very fresh and original.

  16. It's always so cool to see your process at work!

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