Dienstag, 30. Juli 2019

"Flowers" - Art Elements Theme Challenge

The theme for our monthly challenge at Art Elements was chosen by Marsha - Flowers! A wonderful summer theme and one that allows for a broad range of interpretation. I really enjoyed it, only work and other obligations cut down heavily on the time (and energy) I had available.

So I won't ramble along like I usually do... but rather show you pictures ;) I played with the moleskin notebooks I got from my Art Elements secret santa. Pen and water color mainly.

I played again with layered monoprints but had to stop since our printer run out of black. Also although I liked the new color combinations I tried out, a lot of them had not enough contrast so I added marks with colored pencils, gel pens, and acrylic pens.


In between I started carving. I had a rubber printing block from a company I am not using anymore since it crumbles way too easy. But I wanted to use up all my leftovers.

With hare...

I also finished a big background printing plate / stamp with an abstract flower design.

For such big prints I use lino paint from Schmincke and thin rice paper. You can see the print through the back while printing.

I forgot to carve three lines... but I somehow like it and may leave it s it is.

The leftover pieces from the border can be used as tiny stamps.

I also made a test print with my hare again. For this I put a mask on the stamp before the printing and added the hare stamp later.

The background needs to be in a different color to enhance the contrast to the hare but I do love the end result!

When you had a look at yesterday's blog post at Art Elements (it was my turn) then you have seen this stamp during the carving process. Here it is finished with the first test print using an archival ink stamping pad...

....and here with lino printing ink. 

I had to add the hare again since this was my original idea - combine the hare with flowers!

....and with color added! Love it!

And at the end: Some of the flowers on our balcony :)

Thank you for coming along to this blog hop and please have a look at what all the participants made! :)

Here is a list of our Visiting Artists:
Evie and Beth

And our Art Elements Blog Contributors:


  1. Claire you have really inspired me with your beautiful work, I haven't done any lino printing in ages, and I really must get a gelli plate to try out. :)

  2. It would be hard to pick a favorite here, such beautiful flowers!
    Of course I love the hare as I can never resist animals, he's a wonderful addition

  3. I especially like your mono prints. They are lovely.

  4. Thank you for participating this month Claire! I feel like I repeat myself with not only my words of how much I love your work and sense of design, but with how your posts inspire me to want to reach in deeper and find a way to connect my inner creativity for a more meaningful body of work. So thank you for all of your insight and creativity. Magnificent body of work! :)

  5. Wow, I'm a little at a loss for words, because your work - it's quality and it's range - is so impressive. I especially like the hare with the poppy and your abstract flower pattern.

  6. I want to come play with you and your art supplies!! I always love seeing your mono prints. Your stamp carving just keeps getting better and better. I love the larger floral plate and I thought it was intentional to leave one area uncarved. Your final print is my favorite!!

  7. Loving seeing your printmaking progress Claire, they're more beautiful every time I visit! Stunning work!

  8. Dieser Kommentar wurde vom Autor entfernt.

  9. I do love your prints, as always you have inspired me.

  10. Your paintings are beautiful and inspiring! And so is your carving and the compositions you come up with! *I had to delete my previous comment because of a typo :)

  11. Claire, all are wonderful! I really like the way your last flower came out and the carved leaf catches my eye. Alysen

  12. All of your projects are wonderful! I'm especially smitten with the stamps. I wish I could carve as well as you do. I suppose I need much more practice and a steadier hand. HA! And, the monoprints are lovely. What a really cool effect. Thank you for inspiring me!

  13. Wow, Claire, I'm sorry work is taking a lot out of you but even so, you do amazing amounts of art work! I loved seeing your video with your little notebook drawings, and your prints are fantastic, as are your carved stamps and prints from those! I love seeing your work!

  14. Love love love it all, especially the video flipping through the pages of your book. The stamps are awesome and I really like how you paired the hair with the flowers.

  15. These are absolutely beautiful! And the processes look like so much fun.



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