Samstag, 30. September 2017

Zom-Bee! - Component of the month at Art Elements

Time really seems to fly. It seems Laney Meads adorable little zom-bee beads just arrived and now September is already nearly gone...

This year seems to fly especially fast. So many things happened -good and bad-, so many problems came over from last year, and the general workload from my husband and me seem to have triplicated this year.

We didn't even manage our time out at Formentera and it pays for him as well as me. It is a kind of deep exhaustion and nerves are laying blank. But sometimes it is... like it is. Even in hindsight, I don't know how we could have managed it any other way.

Of course there were a lot of good things (and he is a constant good "thing", even when we fight ;) ), for example some of the research grants I applied for were granted.

But back to the component of the month (COM) of september at Art Elements (AE). I tried a lot with this cute little bee (look at the eyes!) but most didn't work out. Most failures were due to the fact that the zom-bee was not the main focus anymore and somehow got lost.

So I went with a cleaner design with only a few elements: A matte big glass drop to counter balance the zom-bee, tiny beads to get the overall shape right with some metal elements added and a drop of blood red at the top.

The chain is adjustable due to the added rings on top of the pendant. I like both ways.

So that was it in short. I will be in Berlin (again) on saturday, come back in the middle of the night, because sunday is my husband's birthday. Maybe I can find some sleep in between ;)

Thank you so much for this cute little zom-bee Laney!

And please have a look what all the other participants made! (I'll also come over to have a look but it may be late sunday)

Team – Lesley  Watt  –  Jennifer Cameron  – Diana Ptaszynski  – Jenny Davis-Reazor – Susan Kennedy – Caroline Dewison – Lindsay Starr– Cathy Spiey Mendola – Claire Fabian (you are here) – Niky Sayers – Laney Mead

12 Kommentare:

  1. I love him, he is perfect :D Thank you so much for finding time in your hectic schedule to take part - you made me tired just reading it! I hope your trip to Berlin goes well and you have a fabulous day on Sunday celebrating a birthday. Many happy Zombee returns to your husband :D

  2. A really lovely wearable design and I hope your year calms down Claire x

  3. What a great piece! I love how it seems to really go with the antique gold chain

  4. What a fabulous design, I think you got the balance just right to show him off. Hope you get some time off soon!

  5. Really love this Claire - such a lovely layered focal on a simple wearable.

  6. I would wear this because I prefer this kind of design. I also struggled with making sue the little zombee didn't get lost in the design.

  7. I love your necklace, Claire, I like how you highlighted your zombee!

  8. You have created a perfectly beautiful necklace with Laney's zom-bee, I love the simplicity of it and how the zom-bee is highlighted. I also LOVE those octopus sculptures!!!!

  9. I think it is perfect. Perfectly adorable. Please make sure you don't turn into a Zombie-bee yourself with your extremely full schedule!

  10. Claire - I'm so glad to see you creating again! Your piece is so sweet!
    I, too, struggled with the bee getting lost, so thank you for sharing that. I don't feel so crazy now. Lol ❤

  11. Claire, I love when you post that I get to see I am not the only person with random octopi around the house! I would totally wear your zombee too - It's the perfect toss over your head and dash out the door necklace.



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