Dienstag, 31. Oktober 2017

Find the hare - Component of the month at Art Elements

The component of the month (COM) at Art Elements (AE) was made by Niky Sayers this time. It was one of her gorgeous coin claps. I love her work for years, her creations really speak to me. Especially how she uses old coins and creates something new out of them.

I have to admit there was only one problem...

It was a struggle to take images! The silver of the coin shines so brightly that it reflects the light and makes it difficult to capture the hare image. This is actually not a problem in real life but moreover a problem of not having a professional camera on my side ;)

So you will have to believe me on this!

I used some green leather scraps. It was a rather accidental choice since I am cutting leather right now for some book binding (christmas is right around the corner) and loved the green scraps too much to throw them away (it may be a massive problem to be able to use nearly anything... it may accumulate the stuff one have....).

So I cut them to thinner stripes, knotted them several times and combined them with rustic beads. The blue ones are made by Grubbi ceramics and the round ones by me. Also I just went with it. There are also some other beads hidden, a single blue dyed seed and some glass ones.

The clasp will be one the side when this necklace is worn. So the weight of the (mostly) ceramic beads will further secure the hold and it adds a wonderful accent.

Thank you so much Niky! I may finally be ready to also use the other precious pieces made by you I have hoarded until now. :)

Please have a look what everyone else made. I can't wait to see it myself!

Guest Designers

Art Element Team


  1. Great job! It is a visually interesting necklace.

  2. I love everything about this!!!!!! ~Diana P.

  3. This is lovely Claire - I love all the textural interest and subtle colour contrast.

  4. I love the textures and combination of forms in the piece

  5. Gorgeous design Claire, I love the collection of beads you chose!

  6. Such a beautiful design Claire, I love your selection of bead and the colours really appeal to me. Thank you so much for all the wonderful compliments!

  7. Fantastic Claire! I love the selection of beads and how you combined them - it looks rustic and ancient and well curated at the same time.

  8. Great necklace Claire, I too love the collection of beads you used! Perfect for falL!



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