Freitag, 1. September 2017

"The whole universe - inside my hand" - Art Elements Component of the Month [August]

Edit: I am sorry for the late blog post. I had problems with my login. :(

Time just seems to fly. I am not sure where the year went by, let alone summer...

Everything is okay but I need more time to actually stop and realize this. I try to find some time in between, to have a day without any plans, to just sit on our balcony, drink some coffee and do nothing.

Still, I am at unease and realize now more than ever, that I have to take care to stop more often. To make it a habit and not the last safety line. I tend to overthink, to worry, to panic... and then to freeze. I work hard to differentiate what I can do and influence and what I just have to left to chance because I can't do anything about it. It sounds easier than it is especially if your heart is in it.


I don't want autumn and winter to come. Every year I like them less. Trust me, I have no problems being cozy in summer time! ;) But I hate the dark times more and more, I hate the cold and even more the dirty snow and ice in a city, and even more that the days seem always to be too short. Yes, there are a few beautiful days and it is nice when I am on holidays and maybe in the country side. But a few nice days... in contrast to a lot of wonderful days in summer? No comparison.

So here I am contemplating and rambling and whatever while it should be about the gorgeous beads from Caroline (you can find more of her beds here). She send them to us for the august "Component of the Month" (COM) challenge over at Art Elements (AE). They are little treasures and I played with them a lot, just looking at them (yeah... reading this again, it sounds a little bit strange? But I do love the tactile quality of beads).

Choosing what would go along is a quite meditative process and this time it got me thinking. Maybe it were the stars, maybe it was reminding me of the nightsky you can see during summer time on Formentera (we didn't manage to go there this year, one of the reasons I am a little bit down)...

I went with the combination of earth and sky. The more rustic beads combined with the shiny nightsky. I tried to link it all together by adding these small amber glass beads as spacer to repeat in a more subtle way the gold. I wanted to tie it together without overwhelming everything.

I also repeated the blue and gold using the same amber glass beads and some blue glass beads at the end. For me it holds everything together. While there are a lot of different colours, surfaces and textures used, I always try to get them coherent by the general shape of the work (here the bead sizes along the necklace) and like these repeating colours. By the way, the necklace can be worn as a choker or as a long necklace. Both works very well because of the nice weight of all the beads (you need some weight for a necklace to have a good fall).

Since Caroline send three beads, I used the big one for the necklace and the smaller ones for earrings. No, they are not meant to be worn together but of course can be! While the creation of the necklace was a nice flow as soon as I knew which beads I wanted to use and what kind of feeling it will represent (for me at least ;) ), the earrings were another story. I took them apart several times. Too much, to big, too.... I don't know. Often just not right. One version was combined with some gorgeous silk and it looked really good, but way too loud.

I love big and strange and weird and loud jewelery, don't get me wrong. But it has to be coherent. With the silk added, it seemed like two different stories. So it was a no again. In the end I used a very simple design. I turned the ends of copper wire so they would not go through the beads, wrapped it on top and finished. Let me tell you, simple as they are, they look stunning when worn! The pictures just don't give them justice.

Thank you so much Caroline! I really enjoyed working with your little galaxies!

And now please have a look what all the others made!

8 Kommentare:

  1. Such a beautifully balanced necklace and a real treasure trove of beautiful beads!

  2. I love your rambling Claire and how well you know yourself! I enjoy hearing about you - I agree about the snow and cold ... I totally love your necklace, it's very wearable and I love all the beads you chose. The earrings are great too, simple is the way to go to let the beads shine!

  3. That's a beautiful design Claire, love your post and the beautiful necklace you created. Thanks so much for joining me in the challenge!

  4. I couldn't agree with you more about the need to stop and be still and just.... BE. I have had that type of summer as well. For me - I love the fall when the heat and oppressive humidity has broken, when I can be out in the green, then the autumn colors and breathe deep. SO I am feeling allowing myself time - starting today Sept 1st. And coffee, yes!

    Your necklace is a solar system to me. It is worlds in orbit on your neck. Contrasts, lush colors, earthly matte and celestial shine. Wear it and be well!

  5. The bracelet and the colors in it are so lovely!!

  6. Oh I love the collection of beads, that is so tactile looking. Fabulous piece with so much detail and texture.

  7. I know exactly what you mean about needing to just sit & enjoy your surroundings. It seems life is so fast paced that we don't take time to just sit & do nothing other than soak in the peace & quiet.
    I adore your necklace. The selection of beads you chose to go with Caroline's are absolutely perfect! It really is a galaxy of planets. And the earrings are perfectly simple and elegant.



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