Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2019

"Forest" - Art Elements Theme Challenge

This month's theme at Art Elements was chosen by Susan - Forest. This gives such a broad variety of potential subthemes and inspiration. From the forest general down to the animals, plants and fungi, colors and pattern, maybe up to the feeling of life and decay at the same time. 

My first thought was actually my little urban garden on our balcony. I even have a wild growing corner with fern and a digitalis. 

As tiny as our balcony is, I try to let it be a tiny wee urban jungle! It is also my favorite play to get a coffee, read, paint (or also play silly little games on my phone - just to be truthful ;) ).

I played with my new watercolor sketchbook that I made last month. It really helps to try out different kind of papers because I was surprised. I thought I preferred the wonderful smooth surface but it is actually the medium roughness that works best for my way to paint! 

It creates more organic patterns, lets the water easier flow, hold the wetness better, and won't let the watercolor create harsh drying lines. 

You see, I played with mushrooms (due to the #mayshroom challenge that I used as inspiration). Mushrooms are such weird organisms with wonderful weird shapes!

I also wanted to make more carved stamps to use for print making. I want to go for some more high quality prints on nice paper combined with water color.

This plan is actually already for a long time on my to-do-list but I won't stress myself. I will do them one day since this is an "item" that stayed on my list for a long time now... other ideas can change more easily.


I was not able to finish the print blocks.I still need to refine them. But I thought I should show you a test print! I love where both of them are going to.

Since I have a lot of stress at work, I am struggling again a little bit with my routine of creating daily. I know from past experiences that these are the times I need to create more than ever to keep myself calm and sane. It is a wonderful coping mechanism and one that works for me. So I try to change also daily what I do since this helps me more than to repeat one material, technique or theme.

Making monoprints with small commercial plates works wonderful for that. I mostly use three different colors for a print: A light and a dark one plus a bright contrasting color. It is a simple recipe but it works nearly every time. If some contrast is missing, I can always add more.

I made a mix of abstract work combined with some shapes and symbols. All with the theme "Forest". I added with some markers and polychromos marks and highlights. 

And last but not least some urban inspiration that evokes such an organic feeling for me. 

My sister actually uses them now as backgrounds for her computer and phone! (so love that!) 

I am also thinking of printing them to use them as prints themselves or as background.

Please fell free to use them as well if you like.

And now please have a look what everyone else made! Thank you so much for participating! :)


10 Kommentare:

  1. Your painting is beautiful - I love the different images of the mushrooms.
    I have to say my favorite is your stamps - I love that leaping fox!
    I am also having a hard time at work and letting stuff go. I am letting that take over when I should be relaxing more and creating. I need to try and do what you are doing and create each day - but it can be hard - and I want to be lazy. Now I just need to suck it up buttercup. Good luck on your creating each day! I know it helps.

  2. Claire, I just love everything you did! Your painting is so wonderful, I'm glad the theme fit into your list of things you wanted to explore! I'm loving your posts on your urban garden and your paint making! Thanks for joining in !

  3. Your balcony is bliss! I can imagine how wonderful it is to have your own little forest inside an urban jungle. And, I see at least one tomato on the vine! ;) As hard as it is sometimes, I'm glad you're trying to infuse art into most days to release your stress. And, I'm so relieved to see I'm not the only one who likes to hop between mediums! Your art is so great!!

  4. I know I say this every month but I just love your watercolor paintings in your sketchbook. You create mini masterpieces every time you 'play' in your sketchbook. And the stamps you are carving are already wonderful! I love that leaping fox! The monoprints are so beautiful and those colors are not what you would expect in the forest but they are so lovely with the stag stamp. Your balcony is the perfect oasis for siping coffee or painting or just playing on your phone. I am sure it's a wonderful respite at the end of a long day.

  5. Your watercolor painting is gorgeous! I love the wide range in your use of color. Wonderful!

  6. Your balcony looks like a magical oasis. It must be great to spend time there. Your sense of color is so impressive and I always love your watercolors. Those stamps are amazing and I especially love the stag on the print. The urban inspirations have such great color and texture.

  7. lovely varied interpretations of the theme Claire :)

  8. Those carvings are beautiful and I love the background textures you have created too.

  9. Claire, the first image of mushrooms is so detailed, I love the color and everything about it! And the carving of the jumping? fox made me smile, wondering what frightened it or is it pouncing on prey, much like my sweet cat Cannelle?

  10. I love coming to see your work Claire, your paintings are beautiful. You have such a fabulous range of styles and techniques and I really enjoy reading about your process.



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