Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2016

Where have all the flower gone...? (AE COM challenge)

Okay, next to all the other reasons why I am happy and honoured to be at the Art Elements team (formerly known as Art Jewerly Elements.... so AE and not AJE anymore! ^^)... is a big one... a quite big one... or one could say one of my most favorite ones....

...[please imagine drum rolls here]...

...I'll now participate regularly on the COM challenge!

The component of the month challenge! I actually love challenges due to several reasons. The most important ones are:
- Gorgeous component
- Already chosen component
- Deadline

The last one combined with the fact that I got an artisan bead send to me, makes sure that I take the challenge seriously and work with a time schedule and not... weeks... months.... years.... later...

While I actually do finish my work-in-progress pieces, there have been several of them that took me months to years. Just to be clear, most of this time was a break in between not working on the piece ;)

This time we got a lampwork bead day of the dead skull (quite a long title) made by Jennifer Cameron from glass addictions (have a look at her side here). The picture below I "stole" from her since I forgot to take a picture of the skull she send me before I started wrapping things around it ;)

I was allowed to chose mine and I wanted the one with the asymmetric dots around just one eye. If you are already a long-time reader of my blog you may also notice something else. Something quite shocking... I chose the one with yellow dots around the eye! Yellow, the colour that is my all-time-still-not-conquered difficult to use colour. I like yellow in certain ways, especially subdued and in combination with other colours but it is so hard to create jewelery with it. Other challenging colours I conquered over time but with yellow I may win single battles but the war still rages on!

I noticed that I lose my story line around the COM quite a bit and am rambling. Please bear with me, this happens if I am tired and over worked. Deadlines for grants are around the corner and don't care about free times and/or weekends, our pop-up store will open in a few days (you will get a full documentation!) and there were/are also some social calls you can't (and don't want to) ignore. All in all: I am tired and angry about the fact that someone shut down the heater and the lights outside (he may be called winter and I don't like him!).

Being in this strange mood the idea and the title for the little skull came up in my mind. As a reminder for the good times, for the summer with all its brightness, colours and warmth, and maybe in the end as a reminiscence of hope. The song "Where have all the flowers gone" is a political one and seeing what goes on in the world and how people who should and could know better react, I definitely was in need of this :)

By the way: I used bronze, copper, silver, aluminium and iron wire. Yes, a record for me! I added mostly czech glass beads as well as a dangle made from polymer clay by me. I love how it all turned out, the movement of the necklace but I also have to admit: Never ever look at the back side!

Thank you again for the great day-of-the-dead-skull-lampwork-bead Jennifer! :)

PS: I am still not sure whether I want to change from a necklace to a decoration piece... and whether I want to keep this "random" wire colour look. I tried it to get the impression of a grown piece that someone started to attach random pieces over time... let's see!

And have a look at Art Elements as well as at the blogs of all the other participants!

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15 Kommentare:

  1. It's beautiful Claire! One of my favorite things about the CoM challenges, is that no matter how crazy life gets, I always know that I will make at LEAST one piece of jewelry each month. It's one of the best things about being a member of AE. I'm so happy you're with us :)

  2. Mine was supposed to look more like yours!! Love your finished piece :)

  3. WOW! I love how you designed this piece. From the crown of flowers at the top and your polymer dangle at the bottom-flows perfectly. I think mixing up the different wires makes it more interesting and unique!

  4. Ok - The wreath/crown of flowers. Genius. I think I would be leaning towards a display piece. The idea of it morphing over time, occasionally you adding to it... intrigues me. I like the length - and the vibrant yellow green color in the teardrop dangle brings my eye back to the yellow in the skull. ) Funny - yellow is a challenge for me too! ) I like the multi wire. This is an eclectic colorful piece, not a study of order... more chaos!

  5. I love the crown of flowers. It is perfect for the skull. You made a wonderful necklace.

  6. I really like your wire wrapping technique and the little flowers you used in your design. I'm recently obsessed with these tiny flowers and have been using them a lot in my designs. I would love to wear your necklace!
    Lori in Blue Ridge, GA

  7. Glad you get to join us in the challenges, I enjoyed your post and your beautiful design... I love the crown of flowers!

  8. Lovely crown of flowers and the whole piece is very beautiful!

  9. Gorgeous Claire - I would go for an ornamental piece that can be adapted to a necklace if the mood strikes - best of both worlds!

  10. Great post and jewelry, I love all the different wires and the flower crown!

  11. I enjoyed reading your "rambling" (your word, not mine!) and the piece turned out delightful. I love the chaos of the growing things and the reminder of summer and flowers. The profusion of flowers also fits in with the Day of the Dead. Just gorgeous. Thanks so much for participating!

  12. very pretty, I really like the "crown of flowers" on top, and of course, I am a fan of long dramatic drops on necklaces. I would totally wear this

  13. Oooooh, I seriously LOVE it, and I absolutely think you should keep it just as is! SO fun!

  14. I was in Texas for two weeks, so I finally get to leave comments. I love the flowers and leaves that you chose to go with your focal, and the headpin you made!

  15. I was allowed to chose mine and I wanted the one with the asymmetric dots around just one eye.

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